HART (Human Anti-trafficking Response Team)

National Trafficking Hotline:  1-888-373-7888 (or text to 233733) 
If you are aware of a child who is being victimized you can make a report to the Careline at 1-800-842-2288


Read the U.S. Department of Justice Press Release

Ms. Sneed received the prestigious "United States Attorney's Outstanding Partnership Award."  Ms. Sneed has been essential in coordinating services for sex trafficking victims and assisting with local, sate, and federal investigations involving the sex trafficking of children.  Ms. Sneed and the Human Anti-Trafficking Response Team (HART) members work with law enforcement to coordinate victim interviews, victim housing placement and other victim services.  Ms. Sneed is also involved in organizing human trafficking training sessions for police officers, hospitals, educators and other groups, and involves law enforcement in these training sessions.  Ms. Sneed consistently goes above and beyond in assisting investigators and prosecutors, and has been integral to many human trafficking cases that have been prosecuted over the years.

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Addressing Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children in Connecticut
"Our fight against human trafficking is one of the great human rights causes of our time, and the United States will continue to lead it- in partnership with you. The change we seek will not come easy, but we can draw strength from the movements of the past. For we know that every life saved-in the words of that great Proclamation-is an ‘act of justice’, worthy of the considerate judgment of mankind, and the gracious favor of Almighty God. When a little boy is kidnapped, turned into a child soldier, forced to kill or be killed — that’s slavery. When a little girl is sold by her impoverished family — girls my daughters’ age — runs away from home, or is lured by the false promises of a better life, and then imprisoned in a brothel and tortured if she resists — that’s slavery. It is barbaric, and it is evil, and it has no place in a civilized world.”  

President Barack Obama, 9/25/12 


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The Human Anti-trafficking Response Team (HART) was created in order to focus on and reduce Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST).  In October of 2014 The Department of Children and Families (DCF) received a $1 million federal grant to improve Connecticut's response to child victims of domestic sex trafficking.  The five-year grant from the federal Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families will support DCF's efforts to coordinate the response by local and state agencies, including law enforcement and the medical community, so that child victims of sex trafficking receive effective and comprehensive treatment and legal services.


The State of Connecticut Legislature has created legislation to promote public awareness and prevention of child sex trafficking, to provide for ongoing monitoring of efforts to combat trafficking, to clarify mandatory reporting, and to provide a statewide oversight and monitoring body.

The State of Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) has increasingly sharpened its focus on the growing issue of DMST afflicting children across the State. Since 2008, over 800 children have been referred to DCF as possible victims of DMST. Connecticut DCF has put forth tremendous efforts to end the sale of our children.

These efforts fall within three categories:
  • Identification and Response
  • Awareness and Education
  • Restoration and Recovery
There are six Human Anti-trafficking Response Teams in Connecticut. These are inter-disciplinary teams lead by experienced HART Liaisons and includes; the child’s treatment team, specialized providers and legal representation if indicated.
The HART Liaison works with the local Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) ensuring the cases are afforded all resources to maximize prosecutions while ensuring the child and families are provided the appropriate medical and mental health services they are entitled to as victims.



"Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) and the Law" 
"Has your life been effected by crime?"
"Identifying Victims in Connecticut"  
"Investigating and Interviewing Victims"
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"What you need to know about Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation"
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Blue Campaign Resource Catalog
Child Sex Trafficking: A Training Series for Frontline Officers toolkit
DCF Response to Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (2012)
EMS Tool - What you need to know
Guidance to States and Services on Addressing Human Trafficking of Children and Youth in the United States
Language/Terms used "In The Life"
List of Websites and Apps that have been used for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) related activities
Human Trafficking: Guidebook on Identification, Assessment and Response in the Health Care Setting  
Office on Trafficking in Persons
Out of the Shadows: A Tool for the Identification of Victims of Human Trafficking
Recognizing and Responding to Human Trafficking among American Indian, Alaska Native and Pacific Islander Communities. (2015)
Resource Guide:  Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Washington County (OR) - Juvenile Department
Shared Hope International Report Cards by State
The Department of Education released “Human Trafficking in America’s Schools"




Love 146  is an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care, prevention education, professional training, and empowering movement.

Curriculum: Not a #Number
Love146’s Prevention Curriculum, Not a #Number, is an interactive five-module curriculum designed to teach youth how to protect themselves from human trafficking and exploitation through information, critical thinking, and skill development. The program integrates a holistic view of the issue by focusing on respect, empathy, individual strengths, and the relationship between personal and societal pressures that create or increase vulnerabilities. Through open conversations, engaging activities, the use of media, and opportunities for disclosures, participants find ways to move beyond awareness to behavioral change. 

For a preview of Not a #Number, visit www.love146.org/curriculum-preview.   For general inquiries, information regarding licensing and credentialing requirements, or requests for training, email notanumber@love146.org or call 203-772-4420.

Rapid Response
Rapid Responses are one-time interventions designed to target the unique risk factors and needs of individual youth who have been identified as confirmed victims, or highly suspected victims, of human trafficking and/or commercial sexual exploitation. Based upon information obtained during the intake process, Love146 provides individualized information and safety planning to youth in a one-on-one setting. Youth also receive a backpack filled with items youth and service providers have identified as being critical for this population.

Survivor Care Therapeutic Case Management
Love146’s Survivor Care Therapeutic Case Management Program journeys with and provides support services to youth who are confirmed survivors of human trafficking and/or commercial sexual exploitation. Through the program, Love146 works with the Department of Children and Families, program participants, and other community providers, as appropriate, to develop individual care plans for each survivor. Grounded in these individual care plans, Love146 provides direct services and case management. Referrals for Survivor Care Therapeutic Case Management are accepted from Milford, New Haven, Meriden, and New Britain (i.e., Region 2 & Region 6).

For general inquiries or referrals for Love146’s Rapid Response or Survivor Care Therapeutic Case Management programs, contact Erin Williamson at 203-772-4420 or erin@love146.org.

Therapeutic Mentoring
: Therapeutic Mentors who are credentialed by DCF and have staff specially trained to work with victims of HT.  We work closely with all service providers, including LOVE146.  Through the development and fostering of positive relationship with a skilled mentor, can assist youth to stabilize behaviors, develop trusting relationship, work on life skills and problem solving skills. 

Monthly Progress Reports provided to referring agent. All Staff are supervised by a licensed clinician. We can begin services in hospital settings (ie journey House @ Natchaug Hospital, Solnit North or South) and help youth transition to next level of care.

Referrals come from any DCF office throughout the state, Therapeutic Foster Care Agencies, Parole Services, Adoption Assistance Program, Schools, Youth Service Bureaus, Care Coordinators. Age range served 4-21.

Service Areas:  New Haven, Middlesex and Hartford Counties, New London County, New Britain, Waterbury, Greater Bridgeport, Meriden, Norwich and beyond.  Contact Sue Rumanoff prior to making a referral as we are providing services in even more areas.


Journey House
Natchaug Hospital’s Journey House is a secured residential treatment program that serves juvenile justice involved adolescent girls for the State of Connecticut. Residents remain involved in treatment at the program for approximately six to nine months, depending on treatment needs and discharge plans. Our population of residents in addition to being legally involved, typically also have a variety of mental health diagnoses.

Journey House is also equipped to work with survivors of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. The clinical team as well as the program nurse is trained in the My Life, My Choice curriculum, which aims to educate and prevent commercial sexual exploitation of minors. The nurse at Journey House has continued her education in Domestic Sex Trafficking by attending a two day DCF training geared toward trafficking in Connecticut as well as a one day intensive trafficking training for nurses. Staff has also attended training in Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

Contact information:

Melissa Pelletier, LCSW

Clinical Director

Journey House

Natchaug Hospital, A Hartford HealthCare Partner

189 Storrs Road

Mansfield Center, CT  06250

phone: 860-860-465-5947

cell 860-490-5142

fax: 860-423-1109







The International Institute of Connecticut (IICONN), founded in 1918, is a statewide nonprofit human services agency that addresses the need to provide new immigrants and refugees in Connecticut with services to help them become self-sufficient, integrated and contributing members of the community.  The organization focuses on helping those individuals who face significant barriers to adjusting.

Project Rescue, Anti-Human Trafficking Program is a program designed to assist victims of human trafficking identified in the State of Connecticut. It is funded under a grant from the Office for Victims of Crime, within the U. S. Department of Justice and is operated by the International Institute of Connecticut (IICONN).
Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. Victims who are forced, defrauded or coerced into labor or sexual exploitation. It is estimated that approximately 800,000 to 900,000 victims are trafficked annually across international borders, and between 14,000 and 17,000 of those victims are trafficked into the US. In cooperation with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut and federal and local law enforcement, Project Rescue was established to provide help to these victims. The aims of this program are:
  • to provide comprehensive services to trafficking victims
  • to build effective community service networks to respond to victims’ needs
  • to provide training to service providers and the public
  • Under the Project, comprehensive services include:
    • Housing assistance
    • English and job training skills
    • Health services
    • Language and cultural assistance
    • Transportation
    • Legal and immigration services
While many of these services are provided by IICONN the Project makes referrals to other cooperating community organizations, to ensure that the individualized needs of each victim are met. Project Rescue also provides education and outreach to the community regarding the issues and data of human trafficking in Connecticut, the nature of trafficking and about the help that is available in Connecticut..
If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us. If you are part of a social service agency or other group that you think could benefit from training on trafficking issues, such as victim identification or dealing with victims, please contact IICONN at 203-336-0141, the National Trafficking Hotline at 888 373-7888 or email at projrescue@iiconn.org.


Foster Care
Klingberg Family Centers provides therapeutic foster care and permanency services for children and youth ages 8-21 who have experienced abuse, neglect and other negatively impacting life experiences.  Klingberg’s therapeutic foster care program is committed to serving youth that are at high-risk for or victims of Human Trafficking.  Our staff receive extensive training in this area and able to provide families with additional training, supports and resources.   In addition, we work closely with Klingberg’s outpatient clinical services to provide a wraparound approach for the care of this high-need population.

For more information, please contact Director, Christine Keys by phone 860-832-5532 or email at christinek@klingberg.org or the Licensing and Family Support Specialist Brittney Bovell, by phone 860-832-5536 or email at Brittney.bovell@klingberg.org.  Please check out our website at www.klingberg.org


Community Residences, Inc. Therapeutic Foster Care Program offers services Statewide.  We have committed to supporting children who are survivors of sex trafficking and we, as an Agency, are continuously recruiting and training families to work successfully with these youth.  



Stacy Kelsey
Placement Administrator

860-621-7600 ext. 226 or skelsey@criinc.org




My Life My Choice: A program of Justice Resource Institute

MLMC’s 10-session Exploitation Prevention Curriculum is a psycho-educational model with a relational focus designed to change girls’ perceptions of the commercial sex industry, as well as build self-esteem and personal empowerment; our curriculum includes interactive activities, journaling, and is infused with the authentic testimony of survivors.

Current Providers:

Plainville Group Home, LISA, Inc.
Carrie Garrigus, MSW

Director of Programming




Shining Star Awards

Brooke Morris, Courtney Collier, Detective Matthew Greenstein and Brian Sibley 
Latoya Lowery and Sargent Jason Amato
Detective Joshua Lewis and The Underground
Marilyn Kmetz and Erin Williamson
Yvette Young
Karen Diaz



There are no trainings scheduled at this time.


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