The Department of Entomology conducts research on arthropod pests of food crops, ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, turf, forests, and pests of public health importance. Inspections are conducted on nursery plants and honey bees. Department staff also diagnose insect problems for the general public, growers, pest control operators, municipalities, and health officials. Scientists in the Department of Entomology are working to meet the challenges of controlling arthropod pests through integrated pest management practices and reducing pesticide use in Connecticut.

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
Department of Entomology
Jenkins-Waggoner Laboratory
123 Huntington Street
P.O. Box 1106
New Haven, CT 06504-1106
Fax: (203) 974-8502

Stafford, III., Kirby C.: Chief Scientist, Department Head, State Entomologist
E-mail: Kirby.Stafford@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8485

Blevins, Tia M.: Agricultural Research Technician II
E-mail: Tia.Blevins@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8468

Cantoni, Jamie L.: Agricultural Research Assistant III
E-mail: Jamie.Cantoni@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8533

Creighton, Mark H.: Agricultural Research Technician I
E-mail: Mark.Creighton@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8467

Dugas, Katherine D.: Agricultural Research Technician I
E-mail: Katherine.Dugas@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8506

Fengler, Jeffrey M.: Agricultural Research Technician I
E-mail: Jeffrey.Fengler@ct.gov
Voice: (860) 285-7418

Linske, Megan A.: Agricultural Post Doctoral Research Scientist
E-mail: Megan.Linske@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8490

Little, Eliza A.H.: Agricultural Post Doctoral Research Scientist
E-mail: Eliza.Little@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8532

Lowry, Morgan: Agricultural Research Assistant III
E-mail: Morgan.Lowry@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8531

Magana, Gerda: Agricultural Research Technician I
E-mail: Gerda.Magana@ct.gov

Voice: (203) 974-8483

Ridge, Gale E.: Associate Agricultural Scientist
E-mail: Gale.Ridge@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8478
Insect Inquiry Office: (203) 974-8600


Rutledge, Claire E.: Associate Agricultural Scientist
E-mail: Claire.Rutledge@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8484

Smith, Victoria L.: Associate Agricultural Scientist, Deputy State Entomologist
E-mail: Victoria.Smith@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8474

Stoner, Kimberly A.: Agricultural Scientist
E-mail: Kimberly.Stoner@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8480

Stuber, Heidi R., Agricultural Research Technician II
E-mail: Heidi.Stuber@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 287-1259
Main Laboratories: (203) 974-8319
Lockwood Farm: (203) 287-1259 

Zarrillo, Tracy A.: Agricultural Research Technician II
E-mail: Tracy.Zarrillo@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8473

Anderson, John F.
E-mail:  John.F.Anderson@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8564

Maier, Chris T.
E-mail: Chris.Maier@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8476