FRI Submission Service


Pursuant to Chairman’s Memorandum No. 2008-03, all First Reports of Injury submitted pursuant to Section 31-316 of the Workers’ Compensation Act must be transmitted electronically to the Chairman’s Office. This may be accomplished either by EDI transmission, or by using this online First Report of Injury Submission (FRIS) service, which enables you - as an employer, insurer, or third party administrator - to easily submit these statutorily-required First Reports of Injury to the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

In order to use this service, you must first sign up (see below).




Depending on the web browser you are using, clicking this link to access our FRI Submission Service will either open a second browser window that will appear on top of your present browser window or open a new tab within your web browser.

When you are done searching for insurance information, you can simply close that second browser window or tab and you will still have the regular Workers’ Compensation Commission agency website available to you in your present browser window.


Sign-Up Instructions 

In order to use our online First Report of Injury Submission (FRIS) service you will first need to register with the service, a quick and easy procedure available from the right-hand side of the FRIS page. Just choose “Self Registration.”

Once you have submitted your registration information, Commission staff will review your information and notify you of your approval status by email. Generally, approval can be granted within 24-48 hours; in some circumstances, a slightly longer delay may be necessary (though every effort is made to expedite approvals).

Once approved, you will be able to use our FRIS service to submit your First Reports of Injury.



Martin Resto Jr. 
IT Analyst
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