Claim Filing - Location Search

Alphabetical listing of employers and their designated claim filing locations


If you are an employee or a dependent of a deceased employee who needs to determine where to file your workers' compensation claim, click on the letter below that best represents the name of your employer. If your employer has designated an address at which all claims for workers' compensation benefits must be served, it should be listed here.

Please note, the address your employer designates may be different from its physical address.


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If you find your employer's Notice to Employees form posted here, you must file any claim you may wish to file at the address listed on the form. If, however, you cannot find your employer listed here, it may not have designated such an address, in which case you may file it at your employer's physical address.

No matter where you send your claim for workers' compensation benefits, please follow the link opens in new browser tab  Form 30C filing directions we provide in our Information Packet.

If you have questions about this or any other workers’ compensation-related matter, you may call the Commission's Education Services unit at 1-800-223-WORK (in CT only) or (860) 493-1500.