MADISONNew Haven County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1826, taken from Guilford. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Conn. Transit from New Haven, and by Dattco Bus Line. Freight: Served by Shoreline East and Amtrak. Post office: Madison.
TOWN OFFICERS. Town Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Nancy J. Martucci. Address, Madison Town Campus, 8 Campus Dr., 06443-2563; Tel., (203) 245-5672; FAX, (203) 245-5675. Website: E-Mail: of Selectmen, 1st, Peggy R. Lyons (D), Tel., (203) 245-5602; Al Goldberg (D), Jennifer Gordon (R), Scott Murphy (D), Bruce Wilson, Jr. (R).--Board of Finance, Jean T. Fitzgerald, Chm., Cindy Breckheimer, Fillmore McPherson, Justin Murphy, John Picard, Katie Stein.--Registrars of Voters, Jim Newton (D), Ann Devine (R).--Tax Collector, Christina Consiglio.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Craig Becker, Will Braun, William Lewis, Shirley Taylor.--Library Board, Christine Beirne, Barbra Buckley, Michele Flynn, Nancy Gagliano, Sara Greenwood, Keith Luckenbach, Francis Pullaro, Cynthia Schneider, Doreen Shirley, Paul Sprague, William Stableford, Tod Van Kirk, Chip Walz, Janice Wolf.--Board of Education, Seth Klaskin, Chm., Galen Cawley, Mary Ann Connelly, Diane Infantine-Vyce, Seth Klaskin, Maureen Lewis, Christine Maisano, Cathy Miller, Steven Pynn, Emily Rosenthal.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Richard Gilbert, Chm., Steven Bischoff, Jason Brown, Dennis Crowe, William Piggott; Alternates, Ryan Stella, two vacancies.--Justices of the Peace, Ronald Clark, Mitchell H. Cohan, Marc Darren, Brian Fellows, Judith Hession Friedman, Robert Gerard, Al Goldberg, Thomas Kelty, Peter K. Manko, Cheryl A. Martone, Sandra Olenik, Cara Sheehan, Katie Stein, Eileen C. Waldman, Joan Walker.
MANCHESTERHartford County.--(Form of government, general manager, board of directors.)--Inc., May, 1823; taken from East Hartford. Manchester is approximately 28 square miles in size, with a population of 59,173 residing in 25,293 housing units. The racial makeup of the community is 53% White, 15% African American, 10% Asian, non-Hispanic and 17% Hispanic or Latino, 0.2% Native American, and 4.8% other and multi-race. The community includes a variety of neighborhood types, from pedestrian-oriented mixed-use neighborhoods to post-war tract housing to more recently constructed single-family homes and luxury apartments. Manchester boasts an extensive system of community and regional parks and family events, referring to itself as the “City of Village Charm.” It is an excellent community to live, work, and raise a family.
TOWN OFFICERS. Town Clerk, Darryl E. Thames, Sr. Address, Town Hall, 41 Center St., P.O. Box 191, 06045-0191; Tel., (860)647-3037; FAX, (860) 647-3029. Website: of Directors, Jay Moran, Mayor; Sarah L. Jones, Deputy Mayor; Tim Bergin, Secy.; Peter Conyers, Jacqueline Crespan, Pamela Floyd-Cranford, Jessee Muniz Poland, Zachary Reichelt, Dennis Schain.--Board of Selectmen, Masadur Rahman, Mark Tweedie, Kevin Zingler.--Registrars of Voters, James R. Stevenson (D), Timothy H. Becker (R).--Board of Education, Chris Pattacini, Chm., Tracy R. Patterson, Secy., Heather Doucette, David M. Eisenthal, Richard Kohls, Peter Meggers, Elizabeth Mix, Kwasi Ntem-Mensah, Michael Orsene.--Tax Collector, Kelly Fleitas.--Library Board, Miriam Byroade, Grace Cedrone, Mary Fisher, Karl Hasel. J. Ashley Odell, Melissa Pattacini, Jessica Scorso; Douglas McDonough, Dir.--Constables, Maria Cruz, Kevin Hood, Salvatore Mancini, Rusty Meek, Colin O’Neill, Warren J. Packer, Ed Slegeski.--Justices of the Peace, Angelica M. Candelaria, Diane D. Clare-Kearney, Janice F. Dabate, Donato Digenova, Thomas H. Ferguson, James A. Hall, Kathleen S. Hartigan, Kevin P. Hood, Wallace J. Irish, Jr., Kristine Moulard, Mary-Jane Dodge Pazda, Rhonda Philbert, Michael E. Pohl, Thomas M. Topping.
MANSFIELDTolland County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council, town meeting.)--Inc., Oct., 1702; taken from Windham. Principal industries: higher education, service/commerce, agriculture. Location of the University of Connecticut. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Peter Pan Bus Lines; UConn Transportation; WRTD Storrs-Willimantic. Freight: Served by Central Vermont Railroad. Post offices: Mansfield Center, and Storrs-Mansfield; rural free delivery from Mansfield Center and Storrs-Mansfield. Voted Limited Liquor Permit, 1969.
TOWN OFFICERS. Town Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Sara-Ann Chaine. Address, 4 So. Eagleville Rd., 06268; Tel., Storrs, (860) 429-3302; FAX, (860) 429-7785. Website: E-mail: Council, Toni Moran, Mayor; Ben Shaiken, Deputy Mayor; Charles Ausburger, Terry Berthelot, Sam Bruder, Brian Q. Coleman, Carlita Cotton, Al Fratoni, Ron Schurin.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Barbara Vaughn, Chm., Eric Holinko, Shannon Sion.--Registrars of Voters, Anne E. Greineder (D), Vera Stearns Ward (R).--Board of Education, Kathleen Ward, Chm., Edith Allison, Susannah Everett, Martha N. Kelly, David Litrico, April Morin, Katherine S.B. Paulhus, Jeannette Picard, Kelly Zimmerman.--Regional Board of Education, Kimberly Christenson, Debra Hultgren, James R. Mark, Nancy Silander.--Library Board, Sheila Quinn Clark, Janet Dauphin, Diane Dorfer, Garry Drew, Barbara Katz, Dale Truman, Megan Stanton, two vacancies.--Tax Collector, Jerl Casey.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Paul Aho, Chm., Sarah Accorsi, Binu Chandy, Louanne Cooley, John DeVivo, Kathy E. Fratoni, Doryann Plante, G. William Tomecko, Craig Wutsch; Alternates, Dan Blanchard, Vera Sterns Ward, vacancy.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Dan Blanchard, Robert Stearns, Don Vigneau, Alicia Welch; Alternates, Nicholas Burnore, Hollis Cotton, two vacancies.--Justices of the Peace, Stephen M. Bacon, Kelly A. Chicoine, Carlita Cotton, Alfred Fratoni, Jr., Kathy E. Fratoni, Sharry L. Goldman, Edward C. Hall, April A. Holinko, Thayer L. Kitchen, James R. Mark, Julie A. Menard, Victoria Nimiowski, Doryann Plante, Chandler H. Rose, Benjamin Shaiken, Bette Day Stern, Susan Zito.
MARLBOROUGHHartford County.--(Form of government, Town Manager, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1803; taken from Colchester, Glastonbury, and Hebron. Residential community. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Eastern Bus Lines, Inc. from Hartford and New London; Barstow Transp. Co. and by Greyhound. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Marlborough.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Lauren A. Griffin. Address, 26 No. Main St., P.O. Box 29, 06447-0029; Tel., (860) 295-6206. Website: E-mail: Town Manager, Amy J. Traversa (D), Tel. 860-295-6204.--Board of Selectmen, Deb Bourbeau (U), Chm., Leave of Absence (D), Joe J. Asklar (R), Gregory J. Lowrey (R), Betty O’Brien (D), Amy J. Traversa.--Town Treasurer, Michael J. O'Neil.--Board of Finance, Michael Nastri, Chm., John H. Fidler, Liz Gorgoglione, Ken Hjulstrom, Robert Mirabel, Jeff Plourde; Alternates, Christopher Barella, Karen Pakulis-Paul, Salvatore Sena.--Tax Collector, Barbara C. Murray.--Board of Assessment Appeals, David W. Morganson, Chm., Koreen Ryan, Jennifer Wood.--Registrars of Voters, Ann M. Kilby (D), Carey Fraulino (R).--Board of Education, Kerri Barella, Louise L. Concodello, Angela R. Colantonio, Linda Earley, Anna Holden, Ruth E. Kelly, Patrick A. Pabouet, Wesley Skorski, Susan M. Stolfi.--Regional Board of Education, Mary Cochefski, Pamela Farrington, Carey Fraulino, Susan M. Stolfi.--Planning Commission, Mark A. Stankiewicz, Chm., Jason Cooper, Brett G. Hallden, Beth Lander-Morris, vacancy; Alternates, Subby Magro, Mark Paul, Sarah Picciolo.--Zoning Commission, Kevin P. Asklar, Chm., Eric Colantonio, Robert Fraulino, John Grasso, Mark Merritt; Alternates, Dylan Kelly, John A. Murray, Erik Stomburg.--Zoning Board of Appeals, William Lardi, Chris Lawson, Corinne Machowski, Alan Miller, Matt Wilson; Alternates, Michele Anne Kacy, Susan McFarland, James West.--Justices of the Peace, Richard F. Denno, Evelyn L. Godbout, John H. Grasso, Linda E. Herrmann, Ken Hjulstrom, Michele Anne Kacy, Judithe Hanover Kaplan, John L. Kaplan, Brian LaRoe, David W. Morganson, Logan Tyler.
MERIDENNew Haven County.--(Form of government, city manager, city council.)--Town inc., May, 1806; taken from Wallingford. City inc., May, 1867. Town and city consolidated, Jan. 1, 1922. Once known as the Silver City of the World, it is now the home of Protein Sciences, Thompson Brands, RFS Cablewave, AMF Cuno, Packard BioScience, and Jonal Laboratories. Manufactured products are aircraft products, electronics, biotech filters, nuclear instrumentation, electrical signaling and communications equipment, tools, dies, molds and patterns, phosphorous brass and bronze in sheets, pewter products, automated buffing and deburring machines, plastics, engine gaskets, corrugated boxes, and submersible pumps. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Amtrak, CT Rail, and buses of Connecticut Transit, from Hartford to New Haven; and by Greyhound. Freight: Served by Connecticut Southern Railroad Company. Post office: Meriden.
CITY AND TOWN OFFICERS. Denise L. Grandy. Address, City Hall, 142 East Main St., Rm. 124, 06450-5667; Tel., (203) 630-4030; FAX, (203) 630-4059. Website: E-mail: Council, Kevin M. Scarpati, Mayor; Michael Cardona, Deputy Mayor; Sonya Jelks, Majority Leader; Bruce Fontanella, Larue A. Graham, Deputy Majority Leaders; Daniel Brunet, Minority Leader; Bob Williams, Jr., Deputy Minority Leader; Krystle Blake, Michael Carabetta, Yvette Cortez, Ray R. Ouellet, Michael Rohde, Nicole Tomassetti.--Registrars of Voters, Stacy Roy (D), Suzanne Flynn (R).--Board of Education, Robert Kosienski, Jr., Chm., Kim Carbone-Pandiani, Vice Chm., Dr. Steven J. O’Donnell Secy., Sheri L. Amechi, Elmer Gonzalez, Siobhan K. Maloney-Bazinet, Tony A. Martorelli, Alan E. Pronovost, Michael P. Reynolds.--Tax Collector, Michelle Kane.--Library Board, Sue Burchsted, Nydia Dominguez, Joan Edgerly, Larry Johnson, Jan Levine, Janis M. Lloyd, Irene Masse’, Thomas J. Welsh, Esq., Fred Zierler.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Thomas A. Molloy, Juan Montalvo, Agnes Quinones, Joseph Vollano.--Justices of the Peace, Scot Berling, Daniel R. Brunet, Anna Carabetta, Hector M. Cardona, Sr., Luis M. Cordero, John H. Dalton, Carl W. Davis, Jr., Joan Edgerly, Deborah E. Elliott, John Eno, Thomas Fitzgibbons, Maureen E. Flynn, Cornelius Ivers, Jr., Angelica D. Jandreau, Charles A Johnson, Enileika Lopez-Riddle, Irene G. Masse, Kim T. Morris, Thomas W. Neill, Winston Nelson, Anna P. Neumon, Joann F. Noonan, Beulah W. Preston, Zoraida Rosa, Charlene D. Rowe, Staci M. Roy, Hilda E. Santiago, Tristan Shields, Lillian Toni Soboleski, Jennifer M. Speeg, Gary Stewart, Millie Torres-Ferguson, Janet L. Taylor.
MIDDLEBURYNew Haven County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1807; taken from Waterbury, Woodbury, and Southbury. Principal industries: corporate headquarters and manufacture of clocks and watches. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of North East Transp. Co., Inc. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Middlebury.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Brigitte M. Bessette. Address, Town Hall, 1212 Whittemore Rd., 06762-2425; Tel., (203) 758-2557; Website: E-mail: of Selectmen, 1st, Edward B. St. John (R), Tel., (203) 758-2439, Ralph J. Barra (D), Elaine M. R. Strobel (R).--Tax Collector, Brenda M. Carter.--Town Treasurer, Janine R. Bowler.--Board of Finance, Vincent F. Cipriano, Jr., Chm., Dawn Calabrese, Joseph J. Drauss, John A. Jenusaitis, Stephen Ruccio, Rita H. Smith; Alternates, Brendan M. Browne, Natrajan Kuppuraj, John M. Moriarty, Jr.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Stephen R. Ferrucci III, Chm., Brendan M. Browne, Robert J. Flanagan, Jr.--Registrars of Voters, Michael J. Granja (D), Nancy S. Robison (R).--Regional Board of Education, Shannon Cavallo, John A. Jenusaitis, Richard Spierto, Peter C. Vaccarelli.--Library Board of Trustees, Rita H. Smith, Chm., Diane E. Giuditta, John M. Moriarty, Jr., Peter C. Vaccarelli, Margaret A. Vance, Mary C. Veillette.--Pomperaug Valley Water Authority, Francis L. Barton, Jr., Michael B. Dayton, Terrence McAuliffe.--Water Pollution Control Authority, Robert W. Smith, Chm., Daniel J. Civitello, Ted J. Mannello, Mark Petrucci, Paul J. Phillips.--Police Commissioners, George Moreira, Chm., Francis L. Barton, Jr., Paul J. Bowler, Francis J. Cipriano, Thomas C. King.--Justices of the Peace, Raymond A. Albini, Rito C. Albini, Edward G. Asselin, Gregory Barnes, Francis L. Barton, Jr., Brigitte M. Bessette, Paul Bialobrzeski, Kelly A. Bollard, Sharon Swan Bosco, Yolande D. Bosman, Paul J. Bowler, Marcia K. Braun, John N. Calabrese, Jr., Brenda M. Carter, Francis J. Cipriano, Neil Culhane, Barbara D. DeRiu, David B. Erwin, Bryan A. Ferrucci, Stephen R. Ferrucci III, Linda D. Herrmann, Ronald C. Herrmann, Shelley S. Jerige, Gary S. Kean, Charles G. Kuehnle, Jr., Terrence J. Manning, Thomas McCormack, Michael J. McDonald, Michael J. McVerry, Noa Silberberg Miller, Traci D. Morgan, Patrick G. Mulhall, Christine Nelson, Susan A. Peck, James A. Petrauskas, Janet A. Petrucci, William J. Pizzuto, Robert C. Ranaldo, Matthew R. Robison, Nancy S. Robison, Joseph J. Rock, Nancy Salerno, Robert W. Smith, Edward B. St. John, William J. Stowell, Elaine M. R. Strobel, Maria L. Tapia, Rosalyn Ann Teleposky, Kristin J. Tiso, George C. Tzepos, Amanda M. Vagnini, Sandra D. Young.
MIDDLEFIELDMiddlesex County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Jun., 1866; taken from Middletown. Principal industries: agriculture and manufacture of cement products, novelties in plastics, thermometers, hardware specialties such as wire cutters, tools, dies, fixtures, machinery, and work holding devices. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Dattco Inc. Freight: Served by Conrail from New Haven and Middletown and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Middlefield and Rockfall. Rural free delivery from Middlefield and Rockfall post offices.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Tonya Hogan. Address, Town Admin. Bldg., 393 Jackson Hill Rd., P.O. Box 179, 06455-0179; Tel., (860) 349-7116; FAX, (860) 349-7115. Website: E-mail: of Selectmen, 1st, Robert Yamartino, Tel., (860) 349-7114, Carol Bufithis, James Irish.--Town Treasurer, Taryn Ruffino.--Board of Finance, Michael Skelps, Chm., Kevin Boyle, Melissa Kowal, David Lowry, Mary Wolak.--Tax Collector, Anne L. Olszewski.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Nancy L. Currlin, Kathleen Kokoszka, Barbara Nadeau.--Registrars of Voters, Anne Malcolm (D), Janine Skelps (R).--Library Board, Ralph Sayward, Pres., Deidre Cesario, Sue D’Orvilliers, Bonny Fowler, Maureen Hamilton, Joanne Hargreaves, Nina Healy, Cathy Hinsch, Melissa Marteka, Daryl Meninsky, Dawn Parkinson, Christine Rodrigue, Amy Schaffer, Elizabeth Tischio.--Board of Education, Maura Carmanello, Lucy Petrella, James Roraback.--Justices of the Peace, Jon A. Brayshaw, Carol Bufithis, William E. Currlin, Allison Dodge, Cathleen Hinsch, Lisa A. Irish, Melissa Kowal, Gina L. Layman, William F. Mackey, Kathleen Monahan, Robert G. Monthei, Howard A. Randlett, Carol Schilling, Emalee B. Schilling, Megan Wallett, Robin R. White, John W. Wyskiel.
MIDDLETOWNMiddlesex County.--(Form of government, mayor, common council.)--Town inc., Sept. 11, 1651, named, Nov. 1653; city inc., 1784, town and city consolidated, 1923. Principal industries: information technology, switches, paper boxes, internet publishing, office machinery, aerospace products, tools and dies, metal and wire goods, brass hardware, heat elements, plastics, sheet metal, chemicals, jet engines, and insurance. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Connecticut Transit to Hartford and the Middletown Transit (local); Greyhound from East Hampton, New Haven, and Willimantic; and by Trailways. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Middletown.
CITY AND TOWN OFFICERS. City and Town Clerk, Ashley Flynn-Natale. Address, Municipal Bldg., 245 DeKoven Dr. and Court St., 06457-1300; Tel., (860) 638-4910; FAX, (860) 638-1910. Website: E-mail:, Benjamin D. Florsheim (D).--Chief of Staff, Bobbye Knoll Peterson.--City Council, Vincent Loffredo, Deputy Mayor; Janette Blackwell, Meghan Carta, Grady Faulkner, Darnell Ford, Edward Ford, Jr., Anthony Gennaro, Sr., Anthony Mangiafico, Edward McKeon, Eugene Nocera, Philip J. Pessina, Linda Salafia.--Town Treasurer, Steven Kovach.--Registrars of Voters, Patricia Alston (D), George Souto (R).--Tax Collector, Lee Muscatello.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Tami Kapacziewski, Chm., David Boyce, John Kilian.--Library Board, Kellin Atherton, Andrew Becker, Wendy Berlind, Dr. Faraneh Carnegie-Hargreaves, Shanay Fulton, Jennifer Hadley, Gregory Harris, A. Stephen Nelson, Joseph Samolis, Cynthia Sanders, Sarah Schulenburg, Eamonn Wisneski.--Board of Education, Deborah Cain, Chm., Justin Taylor, Vice Chm., Anita Dempsey White, Secy., Dina Ford, Debra Guss, Emily Jackson, Jonathan Pulino, Delita Rose-Daniels, Charles Wiltsie.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Thomas Pattavina, Chm., Marcus Fazzino, Vice Chm., Shanay Fulton, Secy., Sebastrian Giuliano, Catherine Johnson, Richard Pelletier, Rogers Pylant; Alternates, Kellin Atherton, Tyler Eckstrom, Kelly Sweeney.--Justices of the Peace, Patrica A. Alston, Sacha Y. Armstrong, Erik Assourian, Wayne S. Bartolotta, Kaijuanna Belton, Todd G. Berch, Robert J. Bourne, David Adam Boyce, Brandon Bower Chafee, LaQueshia Clemons, James Dawson, Devonna Dionne, Benjamin D. Florsheim, Anthony S. Gennaro, Maria Madsen Holzberg, Matthew James Jones, Marie C. Kalita, Tami J, Kapaczewski, Kevin M. Kelly, John Kilian, Deborah A. Kleckowski, Steven Matthew Kovach, Vittorio E. Lancia, Matthew L. Lesser, Vincent J. Marotta, John C. Mayoros, Barbara Knoll Peterson, Anton A. Petras, Diane A. Petras, Quentin W. Phipps, John Pieper, Jr., Jonathan Pulino, Annabel L. Resnisky, Sandra Russo-Driska, Helen F. Ryan, Elizabeth N.W. Santangelo, Kristin Rae Souza, Leslie Ann Spatola, Linda J. Szynkowicz, Howard Thody, Domenique S. Thornton, Lea Louise Tomaszewski, Anne Tommasi, Marcella Ann Trowbridge, William S. Wilson.
MILFORDNew Haven County.--(Form of government, mayor, board of aldermen.)--Settled in 1639, under New Haven; named, Nov. 24, 1640; united with Connecticut Colony, 1664. Inc. as a city, June 15, 1959. Town and city consolidated, 1959. Regional Center Retail Trade, principal industries, electric power generation, corporate headquarters, healthcare, financial services, software design, lodging, entertainment, food service, sales and service, construction, telecommunications, recreational boating, marinas, distribution, and warehousing. Manufacturing includes specialty tools, consumer products, high-tech components, fabricated metals, instruments, defense-related products, plastics, and other items. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Metro North Commuter Railroad Co. and buses of Connecticut Transit between Milford and New Haven and Milford Transit for local and service to Stratford. Major corporate headquarters center and limousine service to Hartford, New York, and Newark airports. Post offices: Milford Center, Devon, Pepe's Farm Rd.
CITY AND TOWN OFFICERS. City Clerk, Town Clerk, and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Karen Fortunati. Address, Parsons Complex, 70 West River St., 06460-3364; Tel., (203) 783-3210; FAX, (203) 783-4856. Website: E-mail:, Benjamin G. Blake (D).--Board of Aldermen, Phillip J. Vetro, Chm., Matt Arciuolo II, Ellen Russell Beatty, Brett Broesder, Michael S. Casey, Daniel J. German, Anthony S. Giannattasio, Greg Harla, Scott Marlow, John Moffitt, Holly E. Mulrenan, Robert E. Pacelli, Michelle Parente, Raymond G. Vitali, Ward Willis.--Registrars of Voters, Kerri T. Rowland (D), Debra D. Fellenbaum (R).--Board of Education, Susan Glennon, Chm., Katherine Alling, Cindy Wolfe Boynton, Adam DeYoung, Meghan Doyle, Andy Fowler, Tracey Irby, Gary Peluchette, Una Petroske, Betsy Ratner, Emily McDonough Souza.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Henry B. Healey, Sarah Lebov, Richard C. LoPresti, Luke Porto, Richard Vizziello.--Tax Collector, Cory Gumbrewicz.--Library Board of Members, Brett Broesder, Linda Creedon, Katie L. Carroll Garbati, Amanda Kemp, Scott F. Marlow, Alicia Piselli, Alice Oliver, Brian N. Smith, Louise Uchaczyk, Linda L. Wanosky, Toby Zabinski.--Planning and Zoning Board, Jim Quish, Chm., Nancy Austin, Joseph Castignoli, Etan Hirsch, James Kader, Brian Kaligian, Carl Moore, John Mortimer, Robert Satti, Marc Zahariades.--Constables, Ted Boynton, Sarah Ferrante, Linda J. Hardiman, Raymond Kirmaier, Shaun Liebskind, Frank Musante, Shirley A. Serrano, Steven T. Visconti.--Justices of the Peace, Bryan Anderson, Bill Bevan, Benjamin G. Blake, Linda M. Casey, Allan E. Cegan, Don DiNapoli, Robert M. Eldridge, Harvey Elson, Christopher Goulden, Diane Frankel-Gramelis, Linda M. Gustafson, William D. Healey, Thomas Jagodzinski, Kathy Kennedy, Douglas Kovacs, Daniel L. McAllen III, Thomas Miller, Carl S. Moore, Ralph Piselli, James L. Richetelli, Jr., Justin Rosen, Joan Rousseau, Shirley Serrano, Richard Smith, Karen Zaneski.
MONROEFairfield County.--(Form of government, 1st selectman, town council, town meeting.)--Inc., May, 1823; taken from Huntington (now Shelton.) Principally residential and varied small industries. Transp.--Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Monroe and Stevenson. Sixteen rural delivery routes supply the inhabitants with mail daily.
TOWN OFFICERS. Town Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Vida V. Stone. Address, Town Hall, 7 Fan Hill Rd., 06468-1800; Tel., (203) 452-2811; FAX, (203) 452-2253. Website: Selectman, Kenneth M. Kellogg (R), Tel., (203) 452-2821.--Town Council, Jonathan Formichella, Chm., Enid Lipeles, Vice Chm., Jessica Katuska, Dee Dee Martin, Jason Maur, Sean O’Rourke, Kevin Reid, Terry Rooney, Dona-Lyn Wales.--Town Treasurer, Frank Dutches.--Board of Finance, MMichael Manjos, Chm., Greg Beno, Steve Kirsch, Rebecca O’Donnell, Samantha Spino, Katherine Stauffer.--Tax Collector, Deborah Heim.--Registrars of Voters, Katherine Briggs (D), Debra Dutches (R).--Constable, Patricia Tomchik, James Weinberg.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Victor Yanosy, Chm., Marcy LaFollette, Karin Wynkoop.--Library Board of Trustees, Veronica Condon, Chm., Patricia Shea, Vice Chm., Patrice Green, Susan Koneff, Susan R. Lewis, Deborah Lupo, Elaine Miller.--Board of Education, Shannon Monaco, Vice Chm., Christine Cascella, Dennis Condon, David H. Ferris, Jr., Jeff Fulchino, Nicholas Kapoor, Justin Orlando, Jerry Stevens, Alan Vaglivelo.--Planning and Zoning Commission, Michael O’Reilly, Chm., Bruno Maini, Vice Chm., Leon Ambrosey, Ryan Condon, Robert Westlund; Alternates, Domenic Paniccia, Nicole Lupo, Dominic Smeraglino III.--Justices of the Peace, Susan Bannay, Karen L. Burnaska, Andrew F. Csire, Debra Lynn Dutches, Bari S. Dworken, Elizabeth Edgerton, Sandra Gabriel-Busa, Deborah Heim, William Hennessey, Nick Kapoor, Kenneth Kellogg, Susan A. Koneff, Christel Lattanzi, Dawn Laughlin, Enid Lipeles, Dee Dee Martin, Theresa Oleyar, Herman Olivera III, Lisa Ann Regina, Amanda Riesinger, Fatima M. Silva, Madilana Silva, Patricia A. Tomchik, Margaret J. Villani, James R. Weinberg, Joseph F. Wright, Gary E. Zenobia.
MONTVILLENew London County.--(Form of government, mayor, town council, limited town meeting.)--Inc., Oct. 12, 1786; taken from New London. Principal industries: manufacturing paper boards, paper boxes, computer boards, electricity, tachometers, aluminum doors and windows, and Indian gaming. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of SEAT. Freight: Served by Central Vermont Railway and numerous motor carriers. Post offices: Montville, Oakdale and Uncasville.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Katie Haring, MCTC. Address, Town Hall, 310 Norwich-New London Tpke., Uncasville 06382; Tel., Norwich, (860) 848-6784; FAX, (860) 848-9784. Website: E-mail:, Ronald McDaniel, Jr. (D), Tel., (860) 848-6778.--Town Council, Thomas McNally, Chm., Colleen Rix, Deputy Chm., Leonard Bunnell, Sr., William P. Caron, Alfred Mandler, Timothy May, Robert Yuchniuk.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Gary M. Murphy, Chm., Richard Cenami, Florence Turner; Alternates, Sean Furlow, Joan Paskewich.--Registrars of Voters, Mary Hillman (D), Jeffrey Rogers (R).--Board of Education, Wills Pike, Chm., Carol Burgess, Grace Carlos, Tina Grove, Sheelagh Lapinski, Robert R. Mitchell, Jr., Timothy Shanahan, Lisa Terry, James B. Wood.--Town Treasurer, John Dunn.--Zoning Board of Appeals, John R. MacNeil, Chm., Vincent Attwater-Young, Douglas Adams, Joseph Berardy, Richard Gladue; Alternates, Arthur Montorsi, Russell Wehner, vacancy.--Justices of the Peace, Betty J. Allard, Paul J. Allard, Lisa E. Atkinson, Joe Aquitante III, Deborah Beebe, Howard R. Beetham, Jr., Patricia A. Beetham, Sandra Berardy, Carmen M. Bruno-Colon, Catherine Buebendorf, Angelo Callis, Gina M. Carano, William P. Caron, Noah S. Carver, Bridget M. Caviness, Alexander Coombs, John Pierre Desjardins, Alex Dolly III, Donald E. Dykes, Marjorie Fisher, Rhonda L. Fletcher, Michael J. Grelle, Sr., Rebecca A. Gruber, Patricia Giulietti, Michael P. Gurchik, Joseph W. Jaskiewicz, Jill B. Johnson, Kerri Johnson, Matthew Lariviere, Steven J. Loiler, Robin Marquand, Timothy May, Ronald K. McDaniel, Jr., Dana J. McFee, Thomas McNally, Lynne Miner, Ronald Moore, Marie V. Morosky, Gary M. Murphy, Marjorie P. Murphy, Thomas Occhialini, Marion H. Ouellette, Marie A. Pineault, Rosemary Platt, Patricia Plaszczynski, Monica A. Pomazon, Lisa K. Przybyl, James Radgowski, Kevin Ryan, Angela D. Sherbanee, Lilyana M. Sherbanee, Vincent D. Slonus, Kathleen W. Southard, Peter D. Wozny.
MORRISLitchfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Jun., 1859; taken from Litchfield. Principal industry: agriculture and light industry. Bantam Lake, the largest natural lake in the state and a popular summer resort, lies mostly within the town. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Morris.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Laura Halloran. Address, 3 East St., P.O. Box 66, 06763-0066; Tel., (860) 567-7433; FAX, (860) 567-7432. Website: E-mail: of Selectmen, 1st, Thomas Weik (R), Vincent Aiello (D), Erica Dorsett-Mathews (R).--Board of Finance, Kip Finch, Chm., Philip D. Birkett, Carrie Levine, Adele Terrell, Hunter Weik, Helen White; Alternate, Scott Pottbecker.--Board of Assessment Appeals, Eric F. Cook, Bridgett Garrity, vacancy.--Registrars of Voters, Lawrence Sweeney (D), Eileen Narbutus (R).--Planning and Zoning Commission, David Wiig, Chm., William Ayles, Douglas Barnes, Barbara Bongiolatti, Veronica Florio, David Geremia, Dylan Hovey; Alternates, Christopher Ciaffaglione, Geoffrey Paletsky, Ericka Leone.--Zoning Board of Appeals, Allen Bernardini, Chm., Mark Conlon, Margaret Palumbo, James Wheeler; Alternates, Derick J. Galinski, Lewis Pulliam, Nancy Skilton.--Library Trustees, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Chm., Diane Boisvert, Sarah P. Irwin, Caroline Maselli, Jennifer Whittlesey.--Board of Education, Margaret Groht, Christine Lauretano, Andrew Tita.--Tax Collector, Rebecca Juchert-Derungs.--Justices of the Peace, Vincent P. Aiello, Barbara E. Bongiolatti, Phillip D. Birkett, Rose Marie Buckens, Kevin Deroehn, Bridget Garrity, Laura Halloran, Michael T. Keilty, Nancy Lundquist, Susan Schoenbach, Lawrence Sweeney, Constance Trolle.