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The Connecticut Office of the Secretary of the State is seeking interns with a passion for educating voters and encouraging participation in the democratic process. The Office of the Secretary of the State works to provide a wide range of services for the people and businesses of Connecticut and is committed to promoting the importance of civic education and civic engagement across the state.


We are currently recruiting for Fall 2024 internships. Application deadline: Monday, August 12. 

Opportunities are available in the following areas (please click to view specific internship descriptions):

Applicants may apply for more than one position. Please indicate which position(s) you would like to be considered for in your internship application and cover letter (you do not need to submit multiple cover letters). If you are unsure which position will best match your skill set and interests, please email us at sots.internships@ct.govand we will be happy to provide additional guidance.


Placement opportunities are available every term for undergraduate and graduate students who want experience in a professional government organization. These unpaid internships are conducted out of the Executive Offices in the State Office Building in Hartford. Students have the option to receive credit for the internship by consulting with their advisors and internship directors.

Interns are encouraged to take advantage of the many educational experiences occurring around the Capitol campus and in downtown Hartford. Typical opportunities include attending public hearings, committee meetings, legislative sessions, press conferences, and sessions of the Connecticut Supreme Court.

Application Procedure:



Please download and complete the Internship Application. Then email the completed application, along with other required documents (see internship description(s) for specific requirements), to


Why intern at the Office of the Secretary of the State? Hear from some of our former interns about their experiences:


“Interning for SOTS was one of the most amazing experiences. I really got to see firsthand what it’s like to work within the government. Through this internship, I learned that not only can we make our voice heard by voting and participating during poll season, but also through the small everyday interactions we have with one another. Vulnerability is our voice, and our voice is our vote.” - Julianna, University of Hartford; LiveGirl SHE WORKS Program

“Interning at the Office of the Secretary of the State allowed me to expand on my knowledge of state government. The entire team was very helpful and insightful when giving me feedback on various projects. My favorite part was the opportunity to be connected to the CT General Assembly and watch sessions with my fellow interns! I had the opportunity to be involved directly in policy programs and social media and communications efforts, as well as coming up with my own ideas for the office to use in the future.” - Olivia, Connecticut College 


The Office of the Secretary of the State is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, religion, disability, age, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, LGBTQ identification, family status, or military status. Women, people of color, and other members of traditionally underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to apply.