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Connecticut Tier II Reporting


The Connecticut State Emergency Response Commission and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection uses the Hazconnect® Tier II Manager system to manage EPCRA Tier II chemical inventory reports due March 1 of each year.

To use the Hazconnect® Tier II Manager platform please first register for a system user account.  This allows us to link your facility's account data to your user account so that you can work from your existing information when submitting your next report.  Here's how:

1. Sign up as a User at this link:

2. Click on the REGISTER button in the middle of the page.

3. Choose Reporting Facility/Business User then click Next.

4. Enter your information. Please be sure you enter information in the “Facility Details” text box at the bottom of the screen to inform CT DEEP of facility reports you have submitted in the past. Using this information CT DEEP will link the previous year’s report for that facility to your new user account so you can start with data pre-populated.

5. Once your User account is approved, you will receive a notification and then you can begin submitting the next year’s report. If you don’t see previously submitted reports in your account, please contact us at


                                            Click to access Tier II Manager platform

                 Tutorial for How to Submit Tier II Reports Online in Tier II Manager

Connecticut will accept submittal of reports via EPA's Tier2 Submit™ Software with electronic file submissions sent to if needed due to unique circumstances preventing use of the Hazconnect platform.  

Facilities are still required to directly submit reports to their Local Emergency Planning Committee and local Fire Department, with Site Plan and SDS attachments.

The LEPC contacts list is on the LEPC page.  The LEPC for your facility and a selection of town-specific fire departments are pre-populated in the Hazconnect Tier II Manager reporting system.  



EPA/CT DEEP Webinars on Tier II Reporting