Step 1 - Gather Evidence

What data will help us to identify priority concerns? 1 GATHER EVIDENCE

Gather quantitative and qualitative available data:  Use the data available within your school, district, and community to understand what is going well and where there are opportunities for growth and improvement.   See the chart, Sources of Evidence, for suggestions of sources for data.  Using all four sources of data (demographic, perception, teaching and learning, and process data) and including data on students, staff, and the families will lead to an understanding of the processes and programs that meet the teaching and learning needs of the organization.  

The State Department of Education cycle of continuous improvement is connect to a cyclical process for Needs Assessment and finding Root Cause

Looking at a cross section of data may lead to a deeper understanding of the meaning of the data. For example, when reviewing process data with teaching and learning data, the team has an opportunity to see the impact of programs on student learning and how student learning and instruction impact the selection of programs. 


Video Training Module for Step 1: Gathering Evidence Step 1: Gathering Evidence