Families and Community

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  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

    Connecticut's statewide SEL initiative and resources

  • Student Success Plan

    The Student Success Plan (SSP) is an individualized student driven plan that will be developed to address every student’s needs and interests to help every student stay connected in school and to achieve postsecondary educational and career goals.

  • Title IX - Gender Equity and Sexual Harassment

    Civil Rights Violations, Title IX, Gender Equity, Sexual Harassment

  • What is School Choice?

    The term “school choice” means parents have an additional opportunity to choose the schools their child will attend for an elementary and secondary education. Based on both state and federal laws, Connecticut public school choice programs are an opportunity to raise student achievement and to “reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation” as described in the 1997 Enhancing Education Choices and Opportunities Act (Public Act 97-290).

  • Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child

    The WSCC model provides an infrastructure for schools to engage students, families, staff, and the community to improve the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of every child.

  • Young Parents Program

    A Young Parents Program (YPP) provides day care services for the infants/toddlers of students who are enrolled in and attending a comprehensive high school program leading to graduation from high school.

  • Youth Service Bureaus

    Local communities began to develop youth service bureaus in the 1960's as a response to a growing number of issues affecting youth. The role of Youth Service Bureaus (YSBs) has been broadened to include both advocacy and coordination of a comprehensive service delivery system for youth.