Production Records for School Nutrition Programs


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All schools participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) must complete daily menu production records for all meals. A production record is a working tool that outlines the type and quantity of foods that need to be purchased and available for the meal service.

Production records must show how the offered meals contribute to the required food components and food quantities for each meal served to each grade group every day. In addition to documenting reimbursable meals, production records provide valuable information to help with menu planning, forecasting products and amounts, purchasing foods, controlling waste, identifying acceptable menu items, and conducting a nutrient analysis of menus.

 Required elements for production records
Complete before meal service Complete after meal service

  • Name of site 
  • Meal date 
  • Meal type (breakfast or lunch) 
  • All planned menu items including the specific type and amount of all meal choices, food components, types of milk, leftovers, substitutions, and all other food items such as condiments and other noncreditable foods 
  • Recipe name and number or product name and code
  • Planned serving size and number of servings for reimbursable meals for each age/grade group, and if applicable, nonreimbursable meals (e.g., second meals and adult meals), and a la carte sales
  • Temperatures (complete throughout meal service)
  • Total amount/quantity of food prepared (based on the USDA’s Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs) for each food item or menu item, e.g., number of servings, pounds, cans, and pieces 
  • Amount of leftover food for each food item or menu item
  • Total amount of food served
  • Number of reimbursable meals served to each age/grade group
  • Number of nonreimbursable meals served, e.g., second meals and adult meals 

Schools may choose to use or adapt the Connecticut State Department of Education’s sample production record forms. Click on the Documents/Forms section of the left navigation bar to access the sample production records.

For guidance on completing production records, refer to the CSDE's Requirements for Production Records in School Nutrition Programs and the resources below.

Overview of Requirements