Getting a GED in Connecticut

How To

The directions below explain the process to register online to take the GED. You can also review step by step instructions and walkthroughs of the registration and scheduling process on the GED testing service website.

Test-takers have three steps to register for the GED® Test on Computer.

  1. Create an account:  Visit and sign in to
    • If you do not have an account yet, follow the Sign Up instructions
    • You will need an email address to receive confirmation.  If you don’t have one, you can sign up for a free account from Google, Yahoo or Hotmail
  2. Check alerts:
    • Click the exclamation point icon in the blue bar on your MyGED™ dashboard to get more information about your alerts.
    • The state of Connecticut requires that all test-takers be counseled on their options for high school completion. All test-takers must go to the nearest Connecticut Adult Education Center to complete his/her registration.
    • Connecticut Adult Education provider directory
  3. Schedule the test:
    • Once the additional steps have been completed correctly, you will be able to schedule your GED® test. You will also see a yellow “Start Scheduling” button on the “Schedule” tile on your dashboard.

If account information for online registration is forgotten, contact the GED®Testing Service directly.

  • Go to and click on forgot my password.
  • Or call 1-877-EXAM-GED

If your registration is not complete, Go back to your account at and select registration form. All of your responses to the registration questions will be listed on that form.

If you forget your username or password, log on to and select “Forgot Your Password?” Follow the instructions from there. Or you can contact:

Pearson VUE
Phone: 1-877-EXAM-GED or 1-877-392-6433,
Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., CST. 

Making Accommodations

Test-takers seeking accommodations will register at the GED website. During the registration process, test-takers seeking accommodations will select, “yes” when asked if they intend to apply for testing modifications (accommodations) based upon a documented disability.

After selecting “yes,” test-takers will receive an email with specific information on where to submit their accommodations request, including a link to the GED accommodations website.

GED® Testing Service will make all accommodations decisions. Test-takers will be notified in writing of the accommodations decision, usually within 30 days.

If approved, test-takers will be given specific instructions for how to schedule their accommodated GED® Tests with the Pearson VUE Accommodations Scheduling team. If not approved, test-takers will be advised about the appeal procedures. Either way, test-takers will then can call to discuss the accommodations decision.

Withdraw Request for Accommodations

To withdraw a request for test accommodations, test-takers can log into the MyGED website and withdraw their intention to apply for accommodations.

If test-takers are approved for accommodations, they will receive and email providing instructions on how to schedule the GED test. You cannot use the online system if you are approved to test with accommodations.

Accommodation approvals are generally valid for one year.

Accommodations Available


The purpose of accommodations is to provide candidates with full access to the GED® test. However, accommodations are not a guarantee of improved performance or test completion. GED Testing Service provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations to individuals with documented disabilities who demonstrate a need for accommodations. GED® test accommodations may include things such as:

  • A separate testing room
  • Extra testing time
  • Extra breaks

Test accommodations are individualized and considered on a case-by-case basis.

Consequently, no single type of accommodation (e.g. extra time) would necessarily be appropriate for all individuals with disabilities. Simply demonstrating that an individual meets diagnostic criteria for a particular disorder does not mean that the

In addition, development is underway for screen reading software to be available for blind test-takers, and zoom/magnification will be available for low-vision test-takers.

All test-takers will have the ability to alter the color/contrast settings and increase the font size of their exam.

The GED Ready® Practice Test Accommodations

Extended time accommodations are available on GED Ready® Practice Test to Candidates at 125%, 150% and 200% of the time allowed on the standard GED Ready® Practice Test.

  1. Only Candidates who have indicated that they need to request modified testing conditions for their GED® test in their MyGED® account will see the option for the GED Ready® Practice Test with extended time accommodations. No formal approval is necessary
  2. When Candidates who have indicated they need to request modified testing conditions log in to purchase the GED Ready® Practice Test, they will see a link asking if they need information about the GED Ready® Practice Test with extended time accommodations
  3. Candidates who click on the link for more information about the GED Ready® Practice Test with extended time accommodations will be given a Customer Support phone number to call and order the appropriate test
  4. The use of extended testing time on the GED Ready® Practice Test does not guarantee that this accommodation will be approved for the GED® test.

Things to bring into the Testing Center

You will be given an erasable noteboard and access to an on-screen calculator for certain subjects. Cell phones are strictly forbidden in the testing room. If you are found with a cell phone during testing, you will be escorted out and your test will not be scored.

Other personal items (such as handbags, backpacks, wallets, keys, etc.) are not allowed in the testing room. Storage is available, but limited.