Adult Education Teacher Certification

Types of Licenses


Connecticut has a three-tier system of certificates.

1. Initial Educator Certificate

The first level of certification is the three-year initial educator certificate. This certificate is issued to applicants who meet all eligibility requirements listed above, and who have fewer than three full school years of appropriate successful teaching experience in the past 10 years.

2. Provisional Educator Certificate

The provisional educator certificate is the second level of Connecticut certification and is valid for eight years. To qualify for the provisional educator certificate, an applicant must complete one of the following:

  • 10 months of successful appropriate experience under the initial educator certificate or interim initial educator certificate in a Connecticut public school and the teacher induction/mentoring program, as made available by the Connecticut State Board of Education;


  • 30 months of successful appropriate experience within 10 years in a public school system outside Connecticut under a valid certificate, or in a nonpublic school approved by the appropriate governing body.

3. Professional Educator Certificate

The five-year professional educator certificate is Connecticut’s third and highest level of certification. To qualify for the profes­sional educator certificate, an applicant must complete the following requirements:

  • 30 school months of successful appropriate experience in a Connecticut public or approved nonpublic school under the provisional educator certificate; AND
  • additional course requirements, as prescribed by current Connecticut certification regulations. Specific coursework require­ments vary depending on endorsement.

Interim Educator Certificate

The interim educator certificate may be issued at the initial or provisional level and is valid for one calendar year. A nonrenewable interim certificate may be issued with test deferrals and in some cases with a deficiency for the required special education course. A renewable interim educator certificate may be issued with specific course deficiencies for vocational certificates only, as provided by certification regulations.

Please note: The information in this guide is general information only. Your specific eligibility for certification will be determined based on review of all required application materials. The type and duration of the certificate issued will depend on proper docu­mentation of your education and experience.