Adult Education Teacher Certification

How To

To Apply For Certification

Applicants are encouraged to submit the application and fee online with a credit card (VISA and MasterCard only) once they have created an account on the Connecticut Educator Certification System (CECS). Additional application materials may be sent separately by U.S. mail. Alternately, paper applications may be submitted with a certified bank check or money order payable to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut.” Personal checks not accepted.

Please submit the following:

1. Online application via CECS or paper ED 170 General Application.

2. Application fee of $50 (Visa or MasterCard only if applying online. Money order, certified bank check or cashier’s check, payable to the “Treasurer, State of Connecticut” if submitting payment by mail.) This fee is nonrefundable. Applicants will be advised of a certification fee balance after evaluation of their application.

3. Official transcripts of all postsecondary coursework completed, including original transcripts if coursework has been transferred. Official transcripts must include the embossed or color seal of the college or university issuing them.

4. ED 126 Statement of Successful Professional Experience, verifying teaching/service in out-of-state public schools or approved nonpublic schools, if applicable. NOTE: The superintendent of the school district or diocese or headmaster of an independent school must sign this form. If the service was completed in a public school, you must include a copy of the certificate or permit authorizing each year of employment.

5. Copy of valid out-of-state certificates/licenses authorizing all years of service indicated on ED 126. Be sure to submit a photocopy of the front and back and a key to any certification codes on the certificate.

6. ED 125 Statement of Preparing Higher Education Institution, including the embossed or color seal of the college or university and the original signature of the certification officer or dean.