Important Alert: Beware of Scam Attempts! We've become aware of a scam involving individuals posing as PURA representatives, falsely promising utility bill refunds. Please note that PURA does not operate in this manner. All utility billing is exclusively handled through the electric distribution companies, Eversource and United Illuminating. PURA is a public agency and does not directly handle any billing issues. Specifically, we will never offer refunds for overcharged utility bills, nor do we solicit bank account information for any purpose. If you believe you have been scammed, please reach out to: PURA’s Education Outreach and Enforcement Customer Assistance Unit by emailing, the Office of Consumer Counsel by emailing or calling 860-827-2900, or the Office of the Attorney General at 860-808-5318.

Safety Concerns for Gas Meters


It is important that LDC gas meters and related facilities be accessible for reading, periodic maintenance, and for emergencies.  Trim shrubs and other plants away from the gas meter.  The meter dials must be visible for reading.

Dirt or debris must not collect under or around the meter.  Direct contact with the soil can cause the meter to corrode and leak. The meter shut-off valve must also be kept accessible.

Do not place metallic objects on or against the meter.  Protect the meter from being hit by vehicles or objects. Never stand on a meter or tie animals to it.  

In winter gently remove any accumulations of snow or ice.  Do not use an open flame to do this.


The gas company is responsible to install meters in a safe location adequately protected against damage from vehicles and other possible hazards. The customer is responsible for maintaining the safety of the location.


Most people would never think of trying to steal gas, but some do.  If you are aware of meter tampering, please report it to your local gas company.

People who tamper with gas supply equipment endanger their own lives. They also risk the lives and property of their family and neighbors.

People caught stealing gas automatically have their service disconnected. Before gas service can be restored, payment must be made for the stolen gas. In addition, any deposits, disconnect or reconnect fees allowed by the PURA must also be paid.

Unauthorized reconnecting a gas meter after service has been disconnected is a crime that is punishable under State law by a fine or imprisonment.

Gas Pipeline Safety

Content last updated March 2024