CT Inclusive Investment Initiative

Connecticut Inclusive Investment Initiative - updated CT Horizon Fund

Emerging & Diverse Manager Program

The Connecticut Inclusive Investment Initiative ("Ci3") is the restructured Emerging and Diverse manager program of the Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds ("CRPTF"). CI3 targets investments with emerging and diverse managers across both public and private asset classes and will provide a pathway for growth of the best emerging managers in the industry.


Contact Information

Firms may compete for investment contracts so long as such managers are fully capable, with the demonstrated ability to provide investment management services consistent with desired investment strategies and fiduciary standards of the CRPTF. To best implement the Ci3 program, we have partnered with select firms that have significant experience investing in compelling strategies led by emerging and diverse managers. Please contact the Ci3 program partner listed below to inquire about the Ci3 mandate for your specific asset class.

Please reference your interest in the Ci3 program in your email.