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The Nonprofit Grant Program is Closed and not accepting applications at this time. 

ROUND 8 GRANT RECPIENTS:  Below is a list of Nonprofit Grant Program documents required to complete the execution of Nonprofit Grant Awards.  The forms individual grantees are required to submit are depended upon project type. To determine which of these forms you are required to submit for each project being funded through Round 8 grant funds please see the table at this link which details required forms by organization and project. 

IMPORTANT ADVISORY! Prospective grantees are reminded that any announcement or notification of an award does not constitute a contract, and as such, prospective grantees should not incur any NGP-grant-funded expenditures or begin any NGP-grant-funded project work until it has a fully executed contract with OPM.  Expenditures incurred before the start date or after the end date of the fully executed contract will not be eligible for reimbursement. Grantees will be provided with a fully executed contract once the grantee has met all contract execution requirements.

Question About the NGP Contracting Process and Forms? View the Frequently Asked Questions Document updated regularly as grantees ask additional questions.  


Where to Obtain

Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) and Statement of Work (SOW) with Budget

Attached to May 7th email from OPM

Certified Board Resolution 

Applicant obtains Click here to view a sample resolution.

General Grant Conditions

Obtain at this link 

Special Grant Conditions

Obtain at this link 

Certificate of Insurance with State named as additional insured

Applicant (obtains from Insurer)

Modified (Form 4) Lien Analysis

Obtain at this link 

Environmental or Inspection Report

Applicant obtains

Mortgage Commitment Agreement, if applicable

Applicant obtains

Proof of Ownership

Applicant obtains

Certificates of Insurance from contractors bidding on and undertaking facility improvement, alteration or renovation projects including (1) builder's risk; (2) commercial general liability; and (3) worker's compensation.

Applicant obtains from Contractor

Performance Bond (if over $250,000)

Applicant obtains from Contractor