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Handling of incidents within residential facilities and community-based programs is one area where discretionary decision-making may result in disparate treatment of juveniles. Therefore, it is important that there is no DMC at this decision point because behavioral incidents by juveniles often result in more severe handling of those juveniles.

Young peopleIn its efforts to address disproportionate minority contact in Connecticut’s juvenile justice system, the JJAC developed a tool to assist managers and board members of public and private organizations serving delinquent juveniles.

The Identification of Disproportionate Incident Reporting Management Tool is a program in Microsoft Excel that calculates incident report statistics and assessment ratios from facility or program data entered on reported incidents and client admissions. It can direct managers’ attention to potential disproportionate incident reporting and provides accurate information with respect to rates of incident reporting by race/ethnicity.

The tool does not require changes in policies or procedures, but is, in fact, tailored to each facility or program. Its usefulness is in providing understandable data to managers who may then choose to look more closely at personnel, training and program data to identify whether action is warranted.

Acrobat Reader and Excel viewers are required to view the following documents. If you cannot view them, please contact our office.

Identification of Incident Reporting Tool for 2018
(Microsoft Excel, 12,519 KB)

Short Form Incident Reporting Tool
(Microsoft Excel, 63.0 KB)

IDIR Tool Instructions
(PDF, 9 pages; 152 KB)