Certificate of Need (CON)

CON Portal

ALL CON related material (Applications, Determinations, & Modifications) should be filed through the CON Portal

To view the status of CONs submitted through the portal (years 2018+), please visit our new reporting site

No registration is required to view CON Status Reports. 

Basic instructions for searching the CON Portal: To search any column, click on the little blue "funnel" icon next to the heading in the black bar. In the next window that appears with a drop down, choose any of the categories to search by, but if you choose "contains" that should find any with that particular search criteria. For example, to find Docket Number 12345, click on the blue funnel icon next to the heading Docket Number (at the top in black ribbon), then click on "Contains" and enter 12345 in the first blank field and then click on the "Filter" button. That should bring up the record filed under Docket Number 12345.

To view the status of CONs submitted prior to 2018, visit