About Medicare

Medicare has two parts: Part A is the hospital insurance and is free, and Part B is the supplementary medical insurance, which provides payments for doctors and related services and supplies ordered by the doctor. You must pay a premium for Part B.doctor examining x-ray

Medicare will pay for many of your health care expenses, but not all of them. In particular, Medicare does not cover most nursing home care; long-term care services in the home, or prescription drugs. There are also special rules on when Medicare pays your bills that apply if you have employer group health insurance coverage through your own job or the employment of a spouse.

Medicare usually operates on a fee-for-service basis. HMOs and similar forms of prepaid health care plans are now available to Medicare enrollees in some locations. To see what is available to Connecticut residents,….

Some people, who are covered by Medicare buy private insurance, called "Medigap" policies, to pay the medical bills that Medicare doesn't cover. Some Medigap policies cover Medicare's deductibles; most pay the coinsurance amount. Some also pay for health services not covered by Medicare. If you buy a Medigap policy, make sure you do not purchase more than one. For a listing of policies available in Connecticut…