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The Office of the Healthcare Advocate (OHA) keeps you up to date on health insurance challenges. We give you important news about how we help out with your healthcare consumer rights. Find the following information on this page:

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  • Our new and past OHA newsletters
  • Our recent and older Annual Reports
  • OHA Advisory Board documents
  • Outreach and promotional materials
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OHA outreach resources

OHA provides community outreach regarding insurance coverage, managed care, and health insurance rights. We work with communities, providers, and advocacy groups. We also connect with lawmakers, executive agencies, Congress officials, and national partners. Our goal is to lead the charge in making positive health insurance changes. Find the following information here:

  • Fill out the outreach form so we can present to your group.
  • Get presentation materials to show others how we help.
  • Check out OHA’s Your Health Matters YouTube series.
  • Lunch and Learn 
    Share the latest materials about how we support Connecticut’s health insurance landscape.
  • Promo resources 
    Get English and Spanish brochures and posters detailing how we help.
  • 8 questions to ask your provider 
    Learn what to ask your doctor to maximize your insurance benefits and minimize your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Facebook 
    Follow our Facebook page to get recent health insurance news, events, and safety tips.

Stay up to date

Stay looped in to our events and efforts, especially with the OHA Lunch and Learns on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel and learn how we educate Connecticut residents on their health insurance rights.
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OHA newsletters, press releases, and annual reports

Browse newsletters, press releases, and annual reports. Get the latest updates about how OHA helps with essential healthcare challenges. Check out archived annual reports from the past several years to get a better idea about the work we’ve done.