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The mission of the Office of Healthcare Advocate (OHA) is to assist consumers with healthcare issues through the establishment of effective outreach programs and the development of communications related to consumer rights and responsibilities as members of healthcare plans.

OHA assists Connecticut consumers with issues relating to their health benefits, regardless of payment source and regardless of ability to pay. We provide information to help consumers understand their benefits, we advocate for consumers when their benefits are denied, and we represent consumers' healthcare interests in dialogue with industry, the legislature, and other stakeholders.


OHA acting healthcare advocate Sean King

Acting Healthcare Advocate Sean King

As Acting Healthcare Advocate, Sean King leads a team of dedicated, knowledgeable experts in healthcare insurance who collectively have decades of experience in all aspects of insurance, claims, denials and successful appeals of adverse decisions that could cost Connecticut consumers millions of dollars per year.

Mr. King is a seasoned lawyer with years at the agency and is an expert in his own right on all matters of healthcare insurance at the federal and state level and is intimately involved in legislation that can positively affect Connecticut families.


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OHA background

In 1999, the Connecticut General Assembly established the Office of the Managed Care Ombudsman by the passage of Public Act 99-284. The legislature changed the name of the agency to the Office of the Healthcare Advocate (OHA) in 2005.

Today, OHA continues to assist consumers with their health benefits issues by providing information and support to consumers in need.

OHA helps with:

  • Healthcare insurance enrollment, coverage, and billing questions
  • Claim denials or preauthorization issues
  • Explanations regarding a healthcare benefit, program, or coverage
  • Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a healthcare plan member
  • Your healthcare plan’s internal and external appeals processes

Office of the Healthcare Advocate

153 Market Street, 6th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103

Phone: 866-466-4446 (toll-free)
Fax: 860-331-2499
Email: Healthcare.Advocate@ct.gov