Do you have old uniforms or equipment? Is your significant other begging for you to get rid of that “old” Army Stuff? Would you like to help preserve the history of the CT Army National Guard?

If the answer is yes to some or all of these questions, then you can help our efforts in the Hartford Armory. There is a project in the works at the Connecticut Military Headquarters Armory in Hartford to display more recent historical uniforms of Connecticut military service.  The intent of these new displays is to incorporate them with the other significant historical displays, pictures, and items as a walking tour for visitors to the capital, especially school children field trips for generations. 

If you have any of the following uniforms that you would be willing to donate to the CT Military Department for this purpose, please contact me at (860) 209-9664.  We would like as much of the uniform as possible, to include foot gear, head gear, and pins/patches/accoutrements. The list of uniforms (with accoutrements) we are looking for are as follows:

Vietnam – OG 107 – olive drab combat uniform - tropical/ light weight

1970’s – OG 107 – olive drab uniform temperate (preferably with a Fritzy Badge on pocket)

Army Flight Suit (Green, ACU, or OCP)

Army Mess Dress

Army Blue ASU (female either pants or skirt)

Army Khaki uniform

Era equipment that can be added to period dioramas.


Thanks for your consideration as we work to preserve the history of the CT Army National Guard.