Connecticut Recipients of the Medal of Honor

Name Component Place of Birth Residence Conflict
Babcock (Breckinridge), John Breckinridge Army New Orleans, LA Stonington, CT Indian Wars
Babcock, William J. Army Griswold, CT Kingston, RI Civil War
Bacon, Elijah William Army Burlington, CT New Britain, CT Civil War
Baird, George William Army Milford, CT Milford, CT Indian Wars
Barnum, Harvey Curtiss "Barney" Marine Corps Cheshire, CT Cheshire, CT Vietnam War
Beckwith, Wallace A. Army New London, CT New London, CT Civil War
Breault, Henry Navy Putnam, CT Vermont Peacetime - Sinking of US Submarine 0-5
Briggs, Elijah A. Army Salisbury, CT Salisbury, CT Civil War
Bucha, Paul W. Army Washington, DC Ridgefield, CT Vietnam War
Buck, Frederick Clarence Army Hartford, CT Windsor, CT Civil War
Burke, Daniel Webster Army New Haven, CT New Haven, CT Civil War
Canfield, Heth  Army New Milford, CT Carlisle, PA Indian Wars
Cann, Tedford Harris Navy Bridgeport, CT New York, NY Peacetime - USS May
Chapman, John A. Air Force Springfield, MA Windsor Locks, CT Afghanistan - Operation Enduring Freedom
Corliss, George W. Army Connecticut Hartford, CT Civil War
Crandall, Orson Leon Navy St. Joseph, MO Connecticut Peacetime - Sinking of USS Squalus
Crocker, Henry H. Army Colchester, CT San Francisco, CA Civil War
Curtis, John Calvin Army Bridgeport, CT Bridgeport, CT Civil War
Daly, Michael Joseph Army New York, NY Southport, CT World War II
Denning (Deming), Lorenzo Navy Granby, CT New Britain, CT Civil War
Downs, Willis H. Army Mount Carmel, CT Jamestown, ND Philippine Islands
Ennis, Charles D. Army Stonington, CT Charleston, RI Civil War
Flynn, Christopher Army Ireland Hartford, CT Civil War
Forsyth, Thomas Hall Army Hartford, CT St. Louis, MO Indian Wars
Fournier, William Grant Army Norwich, CT Winterport, ME World War II
Fox, Nicholas Army unknown Greenwich, CT Civil War
Fratellenico, Frank Rocco Army Sharon, CT Albany, NY Vietnam War
Garvin, William Navy Canada Plymouth, CT Civil War
Gibbs, Wesley Army Sharon, CT Salisbury, CT Civil War
Gray, Robert A. Army Philadelphia, PA Groton, CT Civil War
Harding, Thomas Navy Middletown, CT Connecticut Civil War
Hartell, Lee Ross Army Philadelphia, PA Danbury, CT Korean War
Henrechon, George Francis Navy Hartford, CT California Philippine Islands
Hickok, Nathan E. Army Danbury, CT Danbury, CT Civil War
Hill, Frank Marine Corps Hartford, CT Connecticut Spanish-American War
Hincks, William B. Army Bucksport, ME Bridgeport, CT Civil War
Hooper, William B. Army Willimantic, CT Jersey City, NJ Civil War
Horne, Samuel Belton Army Belleek, Ireland Winsted, CT Civil War
Hubbell, William Stone Army Wolcottville, CT North Stonington, CT Civil War
Jackson, Frederick Randolph Army New Haven, CT New Haven, CT Civil War
Johnston, Sr., William James Army Trenton, NJ Colchester, CT World War II
Jones, John Navy Bridgeport, CT Acton, MA Civil War
Kellogg, Jr., Allan Jay Marine Corps Bethel, CT Bridgeport, CT Vietnam War
Lanfare, Aaron Steven Army Branford, CT Branford, CT Civil War
Levitow, John Lee Air Force Hartford, CT New Haven, CT Vietnam War
Libby, George Dalton Army Bridgton, ME Waterbury, CT Korean War
MacKenzie, John Navy Bridgeport, CT Massachusetts World War I
Magrath, John D. Army East Norwalk, CT East Norwalk, CT World War II
Manning, Henry J. Navy New Haven, CT Connecticut Peacetime - Off Newport, RI
Marsh, Charles H. Army Milford, CT New Milford, CT Civil War
Montgomery, Robert William Navy Ireland Norwich, CT Civil War
Murphy, James T. Army Canada New Haven, CT Civil War
Neil, John Navy Newfoundland, Canada Norwich, CT Civil War
Nett, Robert Burton Army New Haven, CT New Haven, CT World War II
Neville, Edwin Michael Army Waterbury, CT Waterbury, CT Civil War
Norton, Elliott Malloy Army Connecticut Cooper, MI Civil War
O'Neill, William Army Tariffville, CT New York, NY Indian Wars
Palmer, John Gideon Army Montville, CT Montville, CT Civil War
Peck, Oscar E. Navy Bridgeport, CT Connecticut Civil War
Reeves, Thomas James Navy Thomaston, CT Connecticut World War II
Roberts, James Navy England Hartford, CT Civil War
Rose, George Harry Navy Stamford, CT Connecticut Boxer Rebellion
Ryan, Richard Navy Connecticut Connecticut Peacetime - Off Norfolk, VA
Scofield, David H. Army Mamaroneck, NY Stamford, CT Civil War
Shaler, Alexander Army Haddam, CT New York, NY Civil War
Shea, Daniel John Army Norwalk, CT New Haven, CT Vietnam War
Sheppard, Charles Army Rocky Hill, CT St. Louis, MO Indian Wars
Simonds, William Edgar Army Collinsville, CT Canton, CT Civil War
Skinner, Jr., Sherrod Emerson Marine Corps Hartford, CT East Lansing, MI Korean War
Sullivan, James Navy New York, NY Danbury, CT Civil War
Swift, Frederic William Army Mansfield Center, CT Detroit, MI Civil War
Talbot, Ralph Marine Corps South weymouth, MA Connecticut World War I
Tinkham, Eugene M. Army Sprague, CT Waterloo, NY Civil War
Tracy, Charles H. Army Jewett City, CT Springfield, MA Civil War
Tucker, Allen Army Lyme, CT Sprague, CT Civil War
Weeks, John Henry Army Hampton, CT Hartwick, NY Civil War
Whitaker, Edward Washburn Army Killingly, CT Hartford, CT Civil War
Williams, George C. Army England New London, CT Civil War
Wilson, Christopher W. Army Ireland West Meriden, CT Civil War
Wise, Homer, L. Army Baton Rouge, LA Stamford, CT World War II
Witek, Frank Peter Marine Corps Derby, CT Illinois World War II
Wright, Robert Army Ireland Woodstock, CT Civil War