CT WiZ Electronic Data Interfaces

Read time: 6 minutes

Immunization Information Systems (IIS) electronic data interfaces help to ensure patients have complete, consolidated records in CT WiZ. Per state law, provider to IIS, IIS to IIS, and federal provider in CT to IIS have established electronic data exchange. This helps providers report vaccinations and manage their inventory timely as required and to query patient records before their next vaccination visit to prevent under and over vaccination, which is especially helpful when patients see more than one provider. This helps public health ensure accurate analytics. This helps ensure the patient can access their own complete record from the CT WiZ Public Portal.

CT WiZ established electronic interfaces with the following IIS: NYC, NJ, RI, PHL, DE, NV, OK, NM, AR, KS, KY, MO, MI, FL and with the following federal providers in CT: Veterans Health Administration (VHAs) and the Electronic Disease Notification/Refugee Immunization Information System (EDN/RIISE). CT WiZ continues to establish secure interfaces as allowed per state law.