This web portal is part of a national network created in cooperation   with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide health, exposure, environmental hazard data and information that communities can use to improve their health.
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Visit the CDC National Environmental Public Health Tracking portal for data on environments, health effects, and population health in the United States. 
TRACKING 101A free continuing education training opportunity.  This course provides an overview of the major components of Environmental Public Health Tracking. 

View videos from partner states on topics such as wildfire response in New Mexico, informing asthma programs in New York City, preventing mercury exposure in Florida, and protecting air quality in Massachusetts.

If you want to learn more about environmental public health tracking click the link above to access a number of trainings for all levels, including high school-level curriculum, college and professional. Trainings include:
  • Tracking in Action: Workforce Implementation
  • Keeping Track, Promoting Health Classroom Module
  • Hydroville Curriculum Project for high school students to make connections between science, language arts, math, social studies, health, and technology.
Connecticut Tracking Success Stories: