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USJ has concurrent enrollment agreements whereby high school students get USJ credit for completing courses at their high schools where the following are true: 1. the high school teacher has at least a master's degree in the discipline and meets requirements to be an adjunct at USJ, and, 2. the high school course is assessed by the USJ department as being at least 80% consistent with the equivalent USJ course.

Programming and Partnerships

Examples of concurrent enrollment courses include: English 104 - The Art of Effective Writing; BIOL 114 - Introduction to Cellular Biology; MATH 110 - Elementary Statistics

An example of an existing partnership is the USJ/Northwest Catholic High School Concurrent Enrollment Program. USJ is open to establishing concurrent enrollment agreements with other schools and districts. USJ also has a Challenge Program through which high school students can take USJ courses, including one free course.

Student Eligibility

Requirements for participation in USJ concurrent enrollment programs are determined by the student's high school. The high school selects students for enrollment in designated courses. 

Instructor Credentials for Concurrent Enrollment Courses

The teacher must meet the requirements to serve as an adjunct at USJ. This typically include a Master's degree in the discipline being taught (e.g. Chemistry, Mathematics, English). 

Registration and Fees

For students in concurrent enrollment courses, registration is coordinated between the Registrars at the high school and at USJ. 

Enrollment through the Challenge Program is completed at:

USJ credits are generally transferable to other in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities. This is determined by the receiving institution.

There is a $50 per credit charge for concurrent enrollment courses. One USJ course may be taken for free through the Challenge program; subsequent courses are charged at the regular part-time tuition rate.  

Concurrent enrollment fees may be waived in cases of need.

Supports for Multilingual Families 

USJ has admissions and other documents available in Spanish. 

Contact Information

Molly Miner
Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management

Dual Credit Programs