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Central Connecticut State University


Students can register in any CCSU course for which they meet the prerequisites on a space-available basis. Most courses are currently offered on the CCSU campus, but there are efforts underway to expand concurrent enrollment partnerships.

Programming and Partnerships

CCSU offers opportunities in almost all of our undergraduate majors for high school students to experience college-level courses. Popular course areas include Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics, Construction Management, Sociology, Education, Criminology, Psychology, Business, Communications, African American, Latin American, and Latino and Puerto Rican Studies, Dance, Music, Art, Math, Economics, World Languages, and many more.

We have several STEM, Education, and other college-to-career pipeline partnerships with districts, including Meriden, Middletown, Hartford, New Britain, and CREC, among others. Partnerships are also connected through out TRiO Educational Talent Search Program.

Student Eligibility

Eligibility varies by course and school, but generally, students may register with approval from the contact at their particular school in any courses for which they meet the prerequisites.

Instructor Credentials for Concurrent Enrollment Courses

CCSU is developing processes to confirm eligibility for high school instructors to teach CCSU courses. Our processes will follow NEASC and NECHE accreditation standards and requirements. Individual departments will also weigh in on the "approval" based on high school teacher credentials and the courses that will be taught and will collaborate with the high school teachers to ensure there is curriculum alignment. Currently, partnerships are in place with the School of Education that, in some cases, will have high school teachers involved in Education pipeline partnerships teaching Education Introductory courses for CCSU credit.

Registration and Fees

Once a partnership agreement is in place, students may register using the CCSU Registration Form assigned to their particular school. Each school has a designated point of contact (typically in Guidance) that assists the student in filling out the form and submits the forms directly to the designee in our Registrar's Office. Once registered, the registration confirmation, students’ schedule and additional comments are sent to the high school designee.  

Registration for Fall begins at the end of June and closes July 30th; Spring registration begins December 1st and ends December 18th; Summer registration begins Mid-April and ends May 5th.  

To request a transcript, students must visit the CCSU Registrar's Office website to place a transcript order. Generally, CCSU courses are transferable to other institutions, particularly for liberal arts and introductory courses.    

There is no cost other than those associated with the cost of books and/or supplies. However, partnership agreements must be in place.

Students can get all fees associated with enrollment waived so long as partnership agreements are in place for us to process waivers.

Supports for Multilingual Families

The individual coordinating Dual Enrollment at CCSU is bilingual (Spanish). Otherwise, course registration occurs through the high school. Once a website is in place, efforts will be made to provide some information in Spanish.

Contact Information

There is a website under construction.

Jessica Hernandez
Director for College Success Programs & Community Engagement

Dual Credit Programs