Best Practices for Districts

In 2022, the CSDE issued District Guidance for Developing an Advanced Course Participation Policy in accordance with Public Act 21-199. The guidance was developed through a review of evidence-based practices, discussions with Connecticut school and district leaders, and feedback from a variety of stakeholders. To support implementation, the CSDE hosted a series of virtual sessions featuring districts that have been successful in expanding student access to advanced courses and programs. Each session focuses on expanding access for a particular type of course or program.

Expanding Access to Early College Experience Courses

This session conducted on May 18, 2022, featured presenters from Manchester High School and the University of Connecticut Early College Experience (ECE) Program.


Expanding Access to Career Readiness

District Showcase: Expanding Access to Career Readiness – This session conducted on May 25, 2022, featured presenters from Killingly High School and Enfield Public Schools.