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University of New Haven


The University of New Haven has several active programs through Memorandum of Understanding partnerships serving high school students in their sophomore through senior years.  Some courses are taught on a high school campus by certified high school instructors and some are taught on the UNH campus. Courses are heavily discounted. UNH has a variety of additional precollege opportunities available for students.

Programming and Partnerships

Specialty courses are available. Typically courses offered are introductory, 1000/2000-level courses. UNH can partner to align existing curricula already offered at the high school or assist in developing new courses. Sample offerings include: Race, Class & Gender; Introduction to Marine Affairs; Introduction to Criminal Justice; Business Law, Engineering Graphics; and Medical Lab Science.

Examples of active partnerships include:

  • Engineering, Science, University Magnet School, New Haven;
  • West Haven High School; and
  • James Hill House High School, New Haven.

Student Eligibility

General student eligibility criteria with some flexibility possible:

  • Junior/Senior standing;
  • 3.0 GPA; and
  • grades of A/B in prior college credit-bearing courses.

Instructor Credentials for Concurrent Enrollment Courses

Typically, instructors need to have earned a Master's Degree. Individuals must have experience professionally and/or teaching in a certain subject area. Depending on the course to be taught, there may be additional criteria. The university typically provides a free non-credentialed certification for the high school instructor. 

Registration and Fees

There is a free online application form, specifically dedicated to precollege opportunities. Some partnerships require students to submit an unofficial high school transcript and/or recommendation of school counselor or partner organization.     

Typically, credit for general education/introductory-level coursework is transferable to another institution for liberal arts core curriculum credit. Generally, entry-level major-specific courses transfer as electives if another institution does not recognize a specific course or offer that major.           

Currently, the cost ranges from $0-$1,000 per course, per student; depending on the overall nature of the partnership, if the course is taught at the high school or on the UNH campus, and if the course is taught by a certified high school instructor or a UNH instructor. Textbooks, lab fees, and activity fees may be additional.    

The partnership agreement will set fees per student, typically discounted at 70%-85% per credit cost.

Supports for Multilingual Families

Financial Aid guidance and information is offered on-demand in Spanish; additional resources across the University are offered in a variety of languages -The university keeps an up-to-date list of employees who can translate (currently representing 21 languages).

Contact Information

Corinne Merjave
Director of Community Outreach

Dual Credit Programs