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Trinity College


High school students in good standing with their high school may enroll in courses at Trinity for college credit on a space-available basis, with permission of the instructor.  Students must provide a current transcript and a letter of recommendation from their high school. The student receives college credit and may or may not receive high school credit for these courses (it is up to the student’s high school). 

Selected students enrolled in the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (HMTCA) may enroll in Trinity courses for college credit.  The current agreement between HMTCA and Trinity College does not consider Trinity courses taken by HMTCA students as dual enrollment. HMTCA students do not receive any high school credit for classes taken at Trinity. However, they receive college credits for those courses through the Early College Program.  

Programming and Partnerships 

Trinity College and Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (HMTCA) have a long-standing partnership. Throughout the years, HMTCA students have enrolled in courses that range from Calculus I, Calculus II, and Calculus III and introductory courses in Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Music, English Literature, Computer Science, Chemistry, Classics, Spanish, and Japanese. In Spring 2023, 10 HMTCA high school students are enrolled in Trinity College courses.   

Additionally, HMTCA seniors take a high school credit English course in a dedicated classroom on Trinity's campus. HMTCA courses at Trinity allow high school students to experience classes in a college setting. In 2022-23, 60 HMTCA high school seniors are taking high school English courses on Trinity's campus. 

Beyond HMTCA, any approved high school student may enroll in any of the liberal arts courses offered at Trinity, with permission of the instructor. 

Student Eligibility 

HMTCA students who wish to enroll in Trinity courses must complete an HMTCA student application, have a 3.0 GPA or higher, submit their high school transcript, a letter of recommendation, and have the high school counselor's approval. Additionally, students applying for Math courses must take a Math placement test.  

Other high school students need to complete the Visiting Students application form, provide a current transcript, and submit a brief letter of recommendation. The recommendation should describe who a student is in their learning community, and must verify that the student is in good standing with the high school. Home schooled students need to provide a current transcript showing courses and grades. 

Instructor Credentials for Concurrent Enrollment Courses 

Trinity College does not have concurrent enrollment partnerships at this time. 

Registration and Fees 

Once applications are received and reviewed by the HMTCA - Trinity College Partnership Program Manager, students receive approval to enroll in Trinity courses. The program manager and the Trinity College registrar's office supervise the enrollment process. Enrollment in Trinity courses is based on seat availability and permission of the department chair and instructor.  

If they wish to do so, HMTCA students enrolled in Trinity courses can request a Trinity transcript from the registrar to report their Trinity grades to colleges and universities for placement or credit. 

Other high school students are enrolled in courses by Trinity’s Registrar’s Office (if enrollment requirements have been satisfied).  Once they complete the course, they may obtain an official Trinity transcript.  Whether or not the student’s high school counts the course for high school credit is up to the high school.  

Each college or university determines which credit to accept. In most cases, Trinity College courses would be transferrable to most in-state institutions.  

HMTCA students do not pay Trinity College directly for courses they take. Hartford Public Schools pays Trinity College $1,000 per student per course enrolled. Other high school students pay $6,095 per credit (where 1 credit generally is 1 course) + $65 registration fee.   

Supports for Multilingual Families  

The HMTCA - Trinity College Partnership Program Manager is bilingual and can communicate with HMTCA students and families in Spanish or English. Materials are likewise often printed in Spanish and English.  

Contact Information 

Sylvia W. DeMore
Special Assistant to the Dean of Faculty
HMTCA-Trinity Partnership 
Information for Visiting Students (Non-matriculated) 

Dual Credit Programs