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Concurrent Enrollment: QU Academy enables dedicated high school students enrolled at partner high schools to take college-level courses from the comfort of their own classrooms. Taught by high school instructors certified by Quinnipiac, these courses provide a deep, hands-on exploration in a variety of disciplines including the arts and sciences, business, communications, computing and engineering, and health sciences. Cost is $50 per credit plus $25 fee.

Dual Enrollment: Quinnipiac has established a partnership with Meriden, Hamden, and New Haven, along with the CSDE and Educator’s Rising, which supports a “Grow Your Own Teacher” program that inspires high school students to pursue a career in education. In response to this partnership, QU offers high school juniors and seniors who have a desire to become a teacher take a progression of education courses taught online by Quinnipiac. Tuition and fees are waived.

Partnership for Accelerated Learning allows students from urban high schools to take tuition-free QU classes for credit.

Programming and Partnerships

Sample QU Academy courses include Data Analytics, Women’s & Gender Studies, International Business, Podcasting, Computer-Aided Design, and Human Health and Disease. 

Sample Ed-Rising courses include Introduction to Public Education and the Teaching Profession 

Existing partnerships include:

  • QU Academy with Norwalk and Meriden
  • Partnership for Accelerated Learning with select urban school districts
  • Ed Rising with Hamden, New Haven, and Meriden

Student Eligibility

Eligibility requirements vary by program.

Instructor Credentials for Concurrent Enrollment Courses

The instructor must have a Master's Degree and approval to teach from the Quinnipiac department offering the course.

Registration and Fees

Specifics vary by program.

Information on the QU Academy is available on our website.

Fees by program:

  • QU Academy: $50 per credit plus $25 administrative fee
  • Partnership for Accelerated Learning: no tuition and fees, school district pays $25 fee per student
  • Ed-Rising: no tuition and fees

Credits earned with a grade of C or higher generally are transferable to other institutions.

Supports for Multilingual Families


Contact Information

Annalisa Zinn
VP Academic Innovation and Effectiveness

Dual Credit Programs