Replace Your Stolen SNAP Benefits

We can help you if the SNAP money on your EBT card is stolen.

We can replace your SNAP money that was taken from your EBT card electronically, such as by skimming, cloning or other fraudulent ways.

We cannot replace SNAP money that is gone because your physical EBT card was stolen. We also cannot replace P-EBT benefits.

How to apply for replacement benefits

  1. Call EBT Customer service at 1-888-328-2666 to change your current PIN.
  2. Request Replacement of Stolen SNAP Benefits: Apply

If you are having trouble online, call 1-855-626-6632 or visit your local DSS office to request a paper form. We can work on applications submitted online faster.

We will not give you replacement benefits until you change your PIN. 

We can replace your SNAP money if you apply within 30 days after you realize your money was stolen.

If your SNAP money was stolen between October 1, 2022- June 1, 2023, you have until July 2, 2023, to apply. We cannot replace SNAP money after September 30, 2024.

How much can you get in replacement benefits

The most we can replace is two months’ worth of your SNAP money. If you had less than two months’ worth stolen from you, we will only replace the amount that was stolen.

We can only replace stolen SNAP money up to two times in a federal fiscal year (October – September).

What to expect after applying

We will mail you a letter within 30 calendar days that says if we approved or denied your request for replacement. If we approve your request, your EBT card will get your replacement amount.

Do not give incorrect information

If you knowingly give incorrect information about stolen benefits, you may be charged with an intentional program violation (IPV). You may be subject to civil and criminal penalties for making a false claim. If you have committed an IPV, you cannot get SNAP benefits for 12 months for the first offense, 24 months for the second offense, and forever for the third offense.

If you disagree with the decision

You have the right to a Fair Hearing if you disagree with the decision and/or the amount of replacement benefits you are issued. 

If you think we made a mistake you may request a hearing within ninety (90) days of the date of notice by calling 1-800-462-0134, or by written request faxed to (860) 424-5729 or mailed to:
Department of Social Services, Office of Legal Counsel, Regulations, and Administrative Hearings
55 Farmington Ave., Hartford, CT 06105.

Learn more about stolen benefits

Skimming occurs when devices are illegally placed on ATMs or store card readers to record EBT card numbers and PINs. The stolen data is then used to create fake EBT cards to steal SNAP money without the card ever leaving your hands.

Tips for keeping your benefits safe

  • Avoid simple PINs. Number combinations such as 1111, 1234 or 9876 may be easy for others to guess.
  • Keep your PIN and card number secret. Do not share your PIN or card number with anyone outside your household. Cover the keypad when you enter your PIN on a card reader.
  • Beware of phishing. DSS and EBT customer service will never call or text to ask for your PIN or card number.
  • Change your PIN often. Change your PIN at least once a month, right before your benefits are added to your card. Contact EBT Customer Service at 1-888-328-2666
  • Check your EBT account regularly for unauthorized charges. If you see any, change your PIN right away to stop the thief from making new purchases. Report suspicious activity to us.
  • A new EBT card can be requested. If you feel your benefits have been stolen, or your identity has been compromised, you can request a replacement EBT card. Contact the EBT Customer Service 1-888-328-2666.