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Welcome to MyDSS!

The Department of Social Services is pleased to announce a new mobile-friendly application called MyDSS for use by our client households throughout Connecticut.  MyDSS will help you access benefit information and interact with DSS anytime, anywhere, on any device! 

MyDSS is easy to navigate across devices with multiple self-service options.  You’ll find there is less time spent using the phone to talk with the Benefits Center, and less need for in-person trips to an office to access information about benefit status or details.  This technology helps consumers to streamline access and get the important information you need in real time.

Our newest feature allows users of MyDSS to renew your DSS benefits on your phone or mobile device in just a few easy steps!

A few examples of other things that you can do when you download MyDSS:  You can quickly open copies of notices, upload pictures of verification documents, view and download proof of benefits (budget sheets) and effectively report changes required for continuity and expansion of existing benefits.  DSS consumers who already are enrolled with an online MyAccount will simply use the same username and password to login to this new mobile-friendly application.

Unlike a traditional mobile application, you won’t find MyDSS on the app store.  Instead, you can visit and save it as a shortcut to your phone.  Please see the FAQ at for more guidance about how to save MyDSS to an iPhone or Android phone.

Follow the link, Video Guides for DSS Clients, to learn more about MyDSS app.

We hope you find MyDSS to be easy to use and helpful. 

Thank you from DSS.