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Executive Summary Cover sheet HITE-CT Executive Summary Report

In 2010, the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) entered into a Cooperative Agreement with the Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), to create and implement a State Health Information Exchange (HIE). DPH received an award of $7.3 million to initiate and sustain HIE activities in the state of Connecticut. The Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut (HITE-CT), a quasi-public agency, was created by Public Act 10-117, "An Act Concerning Revisions to Public Health Related Statutes and the Establishment of the Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut," Sec. 82-90,96 (codified at CGS §19a-750(c)(1)), by the 2010 Connecticut General Assembly and Governor Rell. HITE-CT received $4.3 million over the course of three years to create and implement an HIE infrastructure and facilitate exchange activities in the state. Additionally, DPH contracted with the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC) to evaluate the ongoing development and implementation of Connecticut’s Health Information Exchange (CT-HIE).
Physician Survey Cover Sheet

HITE-CT Physician Survey Report

This report summarizes the results of 1,346 responses (880 from the 2011 survey and 466 from the 2013 survey) representing 1,082 unique physicians. Six hundred sixteen physicians completed a survey during the first distribution only (2011 Cohort 1), 202 physicians completed a survey during the second distribution only (2013 Cohort 2), and 264 physicians completed surveys at both points (2011 Baseline and 2013 Follow-Up). The goal of the physician survey was to measure the rate of EHR adoption, extent of interoperability, and assess the knowledge and attitudes of physicians toward the creation of a Heath Information Exchange. These surveys provide valuable insight into what the physicians in Connecticut think about Connecticut’s efforts in the HIT and HIE space, inform us about the level of EHR adoption, and report on the challenges associated with implementing HIT solutions.

Consumer Cover Sheet HITE-CT Consumer Survey Report

This report summarizes the 629 responses received between 8/10/2011- 12/20/2013 in response to a telephone survey of Connecticut residents’ perspectives on HIT and HIE as a way to assess their awareness of and readiness for these technologies, to learn how best to engage consumers in the state’s efforts to develop an HIE, and to develop strategies to support consumers’ HIT adoption. The estimates of Connecticut consumers’ perspectives on HIT and HIE that we describe in this study offer meaningful information to state policy makers and stakeholders as they engage in strategic planning for these technologies, and will help to ensure that the HITECH Act’s overarching goal of facilitating the availability of health information in support of a connected and seamless health care delivery system with improved treatment outcomes is achieved.
Pharmacy Cover Sheet HITE-CT Pharmacy Survey Report

This report summarizes the results of 2011 (N=73) and 2013 (N=216) statewide surveys administered to licensed pharmacies in Connecticut to measure e-prescribing adoption rates among community pharmacies, gather pharmacists’ opinions regarding the impact and value of e-prescribing, and gauge awareness of activity surrounding CT-HIE. This report does demonstrate that e-prescribing activities have increased from 2011 to 2013 among pharmacies and prescribers. Most pharmacies (96%) of the pharmacies surveyed are enabled for processing e-prescriptions and 62% of the prescribers are e-prescribing. Independent pharmacies were more likely than chain/franchise pharmacies to indicate prescription transaction fees, low prescriber activity and maintenance costs as barriers to implementing e-prescribing.
Lab Survey Cover Sheet HITE-CT Laboratory Survey Report

This report summarizes the results of 2011-12 (N=58) and 2013 (N=34) statewide surveys administered to licensed laboratories in Connecticut that were classified as hospital-based or independent laboratories by the Centers for Disease Control. These 92 surveys represent 66 unique labs. The goal of the survey was to measure the extent of lab interoperability, measured by the percent of labs sending electronic lab results to providers in a structured format and the adoption of LOINC terminology. This report demonstrates that 77% of the Connecticut’s hospitals are sharing lab results electronically which is higher than the national average of 56%.
Stakeholder Cover Sheet HITE-CT Stakeholder Report

This report summarizes data collected from the various stakeholders involved with the initial advisory committee, the HITE-CT board of directors, and external professionals with expertise in the HIT field. Data collection methods included online surveys, freelisting exercises, one-on-one stakeholder interviews and content analysis from HITE-CT board of director meeting transcripts and meeting minutes. This report reflects qualitative and descriptive quantitative analyses of the time frame from October 2010–January 2014. This report summarizes the activities and path that HITE-CT took in its creation in January 2011, to create and implement an HIE. This report provides insight into the working of the Board of Directors and the various committees that were created to operationalize their charge.