School Based Child Health (SBCH)

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Connecticut Medical Assistance Program

Service Documentation & Retention Bulletin
Connecticut Medical Assistance Program Training Information
Connecticut Medical Assistance Program New Provider Workshop Presentation

Parental Consent Information
Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), a school district may ask a parent for consent to access the parent's or their child's public benefits or insurance to pay for health-related services. Before accessing this information, the school district must provide written notification as well as obtain the parent's written permission.

504 Education Plans Annual Notice Section
504 Plan Parental Consent Form
Annual Notification Packet (English)
Annual Notification Packet (Spanish)
DSS Parental Consent Memo to School Districts (April 2014)
Information and Answers for Families - Parental Consent Packet (English)
Information and Answers for Families - Parental Consent Packet (Spanish)
Letter to State Directors of Special Education: Suggested Model for Written Notification
Parental Consent Form and additional Written Notification Information
Parental Consent Requirements for School Health Services
Parental Consent Update Bulletin

Payment Information
Applicable program payments made to participating school districts during the time period indicated.

September 2023 Monthly Payments
December 2023 Monthly Payments
March 2024 Monthly Payments
SFY23 Monthly & Settlement Payments 
SFY22 Monthly & Settlement Payments 
SFY21 Monthly & Settlement Payments
SFY20 Monthly & Settlement Payments
SFY19 Monthly & Settlement Payments
SFY18 Monthly & Settlement Payments
SFY17 Monthly & Settlement Payments
SFY16 Monthly & Settlement Payments
SFY15 Monthly & Settlement Payments
SFY14 Monthly & Settlement Payments
SFY03 - SFY13 Monthly & Settlement Payments
How to access Remittance Advice (RA) Information

Statistics Information

FY16-FY20 Statistics Data Collection Dates
Statistics Template

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