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Information for Public Water Systems

A Public Water System means any water company supplying water to 25 or more persons, daily at least 60 days of the year. The DWS is responsible for the administration of state and federal drinking water regulations and is dedicated to assuring the quality and adequacy of our State’s public drinking water sources. We provide technical assistance, education and regulatory enforcement to over 2,500 public drinking water systems, which provide drinking water to approximately 2.8 million persons on a daily basis.


Bulk Water Hauling

Capacity Development for Small Water Systems

Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity - for the Development of a New Water system or a New Water Company

Department Policies Related to Drinking Water

Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) - Connecticut's program for DWSRF assists community and non-profit, non-community public water systems (PWS) in financing infrastructure improvement projects, such as upgrades and renovations to their existing water system.

Forms and Applications - Commonly requested Forms and Applications

Operator Certification Program - Lists of certified operators, exam and training information and operator certification requirements

Public Water System Lists - List of active Public Water Systems

Safe Drinking Water Primacy Assessment

Sanitary Surveys - Guidance and preparation reminders regarding routine sanitary surveys including lists of PWS due to be surveyed this calendar year.

Statutes, Regulations and Federal Drinking Water Rules - Links to Connecticut General Statutes and State Agency Regulations as well as information on EPA Rules that have been adopted, or are in the process of being adopted, into Connecticut Drinking Water regulations.

Technical Guidance for Public Water Systems - technical guidelines for the design and construction of water and treatment works projects and drinking water related practices

Water Company Acquisition Proceedings

Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting - Information for water quality monitoring, certified laboratories and electronic data submittal.