Public Water System Lists

The following lists contain information on Connecticut’s public drinking water systems. The systems are divided by “classification” or “type of system”. There are 3 types of public drinking water systems: “Community Water Systems” which serve at least 25 residents throughout the year’ “Non-transient, Non-Community Systems” which are not community systems and regularly serve at least 25 of the same people over six months of the year at places like schools and office buildings; and “Transient Non-Community Systems” which do not meet the definition of a non-transient, non-community water system such as restaurants, parks, etc. We regulate these systems to assure a safe and adequate supply of drinking water is available. For more information on Types of Water Systems in Connecticut view the following slides:  Types of Water Systems in Connecticut.

The lists below contain information such as the system name, city served by the system, population served, whether the source of the water is from “groundwater” (well), or “surface water” (reservoir), the contact information and address of the system(s).