Healthcare Quality and Safety

The Healthcare Quality and Safety Branch regulates access to health care professions and provides regulatory oversight of health care facilities and services. The branch protects public health by ensuring competent and capable health care service providers. The branch consists of four major program components, which have responsibility for implementing state licensure and federal certification programs. The branch has the authority to investigate and take disciplinary action against providers who are in violation of the law or otherwise pose a risk to public health and safety.

The branch consists of the following sections and programs:

Facility Licensing & Investigations


Licensing, certification and investigations of facilities/agencies, including:

  • Ambulatory care

  • Clinical laboratories

  • Dialysis facilities

  • Home care and hospice services

  • Hospitals

  • Intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded

  • Long term care/nursing facilities

  • Substance abuse and mental health treatment facilities                   

Practitioner Licensing and Investigations

Office of Legal Compliance

Office of Emergency Medical Services

The Office of Emergency Medical Services administers and enforces emergency medical services statutes, regulations, programs and policies. Responsibilities include:

o   Developing the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) plan and training curriculum, including EMS for Children

o   Providing  regulatory  oversight  of  licensing  and  certifying  emergency  medical services personnel, licensing and certifying EMS agencies, facilities, and approving sponsor hospital designations

o   Conducting complaint investigations

o   Inspecting emergency medical response vehicles

o   Coordinating emergency planning with the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP)

o   Integrating statewide electronic EMS and trauma system data collection

o   Providing technical assistance and coordination to facilitate local and regional EMS system development

o   Issuing trauma center designations