Hazardous Waste Inspection Forms

DISCLAIMER:  The inspection report forms provided below are the forms that are used by DEEP hazardous waste inspectors to document the findings of official inspections.  As such, they sometimes omit certain regulatory references or utilize short-hand descriptions of requirements that experienced DEEP inspectors are familiar with, but that may not be obvious to other users.  These forms should therefore not be relied upon as a definitive evaluation of compliance with hazardous waste requirements, but are merely provided as a helpful tool for hazardous waste handlers to increase their awareness of applicable RCRA requirements.  DEEP is currently developing comprehensive self-audit checklists which should be available in the near future.  These checklists will be designed specifically for use by hazardous waste handlers to comprehensively evaluate their facility’s RCRA compliance. If you have any questions about the DEEP inspection forms provided below, please contact the Waste Engineering & Enforcement Division’s Compliance Assistance Hotline at 1-888-424-4193.

Key Indicators Inspection Report

Transporter Inspection Report

Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG) Inspection Report

Small Quantity Generator (SQG) Inspection Report

Large Quantity Generator (LQG) Inspection Report

Treatment/Storage/Disposal Facility (TSDF) Inspection Report

Inspection Report Attachments (used for SQG, LQG and TSDF Reports)

Content Last Updated on January 31, 2013