Biennial Hazardous Waste Report

Every two years, Large Quantity Generators must submit a Biennial Report about activity during odd numbered years.  The report is due March 1st the following year.  Below is more information about who must report, and when and how to submit a Biennial Report.

NEXT DUE DATE: March 1, 2024 for the 2023 Biennial Report

DEEP’s Biennial Reporting Guide

This guide is based on questions DEEP receives. It does not cover every detail of report preparation, but it should be sufficient for most needs. The guide also contains references to more information for detailed guidance.

As a preview, below is an outline of the information in DEEP’s Biennial Reporting Guide:

  • What is a Biennial Report?
  • Who Must Report?
  • When to Report?
  • Before Starting Your Report

NEW for 2023 Biennial Reporting

  • Preparing and Submitting Biennial Reports
    -  New Preparers
    -  Returning Preparers
    -  All Preparers
    >  Using the BR App
    >  GM Forms, WR Forms, OI Forms
    >  Site Identification Form
    -  Detailed Guidance
  • Glossary of Some Terms Used on the BR Webpage

RCRAInfo Sign-In Page – all Biennial Reports start with the RCRAInfo Sign-In page

Please call or email the DEEP Hazardous Waste Compliance Helpline at:


Content last updated January 3, 2024