Selection of Property Recovery Action
Reviewing Project Status

(PREPARED Municipal Workbook)

 Identifying problems and celebrating progress to keep the project moving forward

Given the complexity of any brownfield reuse project, the importance of reviewing project status cannot be overemphasized. The evaluation is a process that may require multiple iterations to develop a sufficient understanding of the potential risks and risk management options to make a decision on a property. A rigorous and regular project review can have all of the following benefits:

  • Identify tasks that are not proceeding as planned and need more attention.
  • Revise goals and property recovery actions based on information gathered in specific tasks.
  • Identify data gaps and opportunities for more information gathering in different tasks.
  • Report to stakeholders on project specifics and/or the project in general.
  • Be prepared with project updates in anticipation of media coverage.
  • Utilize project progress to energize stakeholders in preparation for further work.
  • Add or reallocate stakeholders based on skills and interests that are suited to specific tasks.

The project manager(s) is responsible for reviewing project status and for making sure that this overview information is put to good use. As indicated above, the benefits can range from boosting morale and increasing synergy between stakeholders to securing favorable press coverage and revising project goals.

Worksheet #7 provides a list of typical property recovery actions along with questions related to information pertinent to the action. 

Project Summary

Recommendations for reuse, explained clearly to community members and municipal decision-makers - information, evaluation, summation. Creating the project summary is a final task to document key information and help educate municipal decision-makers and the community about the project and the outcome of the evaluation. This includes the justification for the selection of a property recovery action to support the reuse of a property or a recommendation not to proceed with any action. This is also an opportunity to recognize the sponsors, stakeholders and others that contributed to the evaluation process. The format, size, and content could vary depending on the needs and preferences of the municipality. The challenge will be to present the summary in a well-organized form that can be easily navigated and understood.

Worksheet #8 provides a format for the project summary. (This worksheet was not part of the original worksheets provided in the PREPARED Workbook.) 


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