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(Process for Risk Evaluation, Property Analysis, and Reuse Decisions)

The challenges of reusing brownfield properties are many and varied. The process described in these interactive web pages follows the risk management framework outlined in the PREPARED workbook developed by USEPA New England and its contractors. It is designed to guide municipalities through the critical tasks in the PREPARED evaluation of potential brownfield reuse projects.

PREPARED (Process for Risk Evaluation, Property Analysis, and Reuse Decisions) utilizes a multi-step, iterative process to:

  • Identify, clarify, and gain support for brownfield reuse goals and objectives,
  • Identify and assess options for involvement in a particular brownfield property,
  • Evaluate the risks associated with different levels of involvement, and
  • Formulate strategies for eliminating or minimizing those risks.
The PREPARED Workbook can be a valuable tool for managing the complex process of redeveloping a brownfield site.  It can help municipal decision-makers identify and manage potential risks, including environmental liability and foster effective communication and coordination with Licensed Environmental Professionals (LEPs), legal counsel, and other internal and external professionals engaged in the redevelopment project.  Use of the PREPARED Workbook tool is optional.

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How to Use The PREPARED Workbook Website

  1. Review Each Task. Successful brownfield reuse projects have demonstrated the value of 9 distinct tasks in an iterative evaluation framework for such projects (see the diagram below). Explanatory text is provided for each task along with links to specific sections in the PREPARED Workbook for additional information on a task.
  2. Complete the Worksheets. A worksheet is provided for each task to guide and document the information collection and evaluation. Instructions are provided for each worksheet.
  3. Use Resources as Necessary. Links are provided in the explanatory text to appropriate sections of the PREPARED Workbook and to pertinent state and federal information on the Resources webpage.
  4. Use Contact Information. State and federal contacts are provided.
  5. Revise and Reinforce. Information collected for one task will impact the details in other tasks. The worksheets are meant to be evolving documents and should be revised as new information is developed.

How to Get Started

Select the Stakeholder Engagement step in the figure to begin the process or an individual step to view information for that step.

The Big Picture - The PREPARED process involves 9 tasks or steps to be completed by stakeholders. Stakeholder Engagement underlies all steps. Worksheets and resources are available for each task. 

Link to PREPARED Process Overview Video Informational videos are also available for the Property Reuse Assessment Step and the Due Diligence Step on their respective PREPARED webpages

  Link to the Worksheets Page

View additional information on the PREPARED Workbook and download the PREPARED Workbook

First Step: Stakeholder Engagement

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