Mercury Information for Dental Offices and Dental Training Schools

Reductions in Mercury in Sewage Sludge through Compliance with Dental Best Management Practices
Workshop Presentations: June 30, 2016

EPA Region 1 Perspective Dental Amalgam Overview
Jay Pimpare, EPA New England, Pretreatment Coordinator

How Mercury From Dental Practices Gets Into Sewage Sludge and What That Means for a Wastewater Treatment Plant
Tom Tyler, MDC

Keeping Mercury Dental Amalgam Out of the Environment - Best Management Practices
Bea Milne, CT DEEP

Dental Office Amalgam Separator Outreach Program
Tom Metzner, CT DEEP

Basic Mechanics of Amalgam Separation, Proper Maintenance
AL Dubé, President, Toppen Solutions LLC

Compliance with Best Management Practices for Dental Offices

Best Management Practices: Guidelines for Dental Practices and Dental Training Schools

Fillings Brochure: The Choices You Have; Mercury Amalgam and Other Filling Materials
    One page (8-1/2 x 11) front and back

Certification Statement Form and Instructions:  Word, PDF,  Rev. 06/27/16
Revised form and instructions

Sample Amalgam Separator and Chair-Side Trap Inspection Forms

Dental Use of Mercury

Matrix of Information for the Mercury Education and Reduction Act

Contact Information and Assistance

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Mercury Definitions

All environmental fact sheets are designed to provide basic information and to answer general questions. You must refer to the appropriate Connecticut General Statutes for the specific definitions and statutory requirements. 

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