Connecticut Freshwater Record Fish

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 State record American shad

State Record American Shad 9 lbs 4 oz

state record bowfin jack dugay

State Record Bowfin 9 lbs 0 oz

State record brown trout

State Record Brown Trout 19 lbs

State record sea-run brown trout

State Record Sea-Run Brown Trout 10 lbs 8 oz

State record chain pickerel

State Record Chain Pickerel 8 lbs 9 oz

State record channel catfish

State Record Channel Catfish 29 lbs 6 oz

State record common carp

State Record Common Carp 43 lbs 12 oz

State record fallfish

State Record Fallfish 2 lbs 4 oz

seth harris state record kokanee

State Record Kokanee 2 lbs 14 oz (2018)

State record Kokanee salmon

State Record Kokanee Salmon 2 lbs 14 oz (2011)

State record lake trout

State Record Lake Trout 29 lbs 13 oz

State record largemouth bass

State Record Largemouth Bass 12 lbs 11 oz

state record pike 2020 leslie slater

State Record Northern Pike 29.0 lbs (2020)

State record northern pike

State Record Northern Pike 29.0 lbs (1980)

State record rainbow trout

State Record Rainbow Trout 14 lbs 10 oz

State record rock bass

State Record Rock Bass 1 lb 3 oz

State record tiger trout

State Record Tiger Trout 7 lbs 14 oz

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