CARE Center Courses

Class fishing at the CARE CenterCARE Center on Forster Pond Courses are fishing field trips offered to schools at our education center in Killingworth, CT. These courses require collaboration between CARE staff and classroom teachers.  Sixth grade and older students are the target audience, along with their teachers, aides, and parents.

The course consists of two primary components:

  1. In-school lessons facilitated by school teachers in their respective classrooms that consist of instruction on water quality, habitat, and fish identification.
  2. A field trip to our education center where CARE staff teaches hands-on lessons on fish, fishing, knot tying, and casting technique. Once students gain this knowledge, they get to practice their newly-acquired skills with an actual fishing trip at our 33-acre pond. 

Teachers and parent-chaperones are encouraged to buy fishing licenses and accompany their children. Classes range from 20-30 participants and are a function of the available space within our CARE center. Field trips are offered from early May through October.

For more information on field trips, call the CARE Center at 860-663-1656.

Content last updated January 2020