Advanced Fishing Classes

Ice fishing on Coventry Lake Advanced Fishing classes are designed to build your fishing skills by offering continuing education classes and seminars. These courses focus on a specific topic and consist of an instructional class, with some classes including a fishing trip. PowerPoint presentations are used in the class, along with hands-on, skill-building activities.

These classes are perfect for Introduction to Fishing Course graduates and novice anglers who have some previous fishing experience and would like to continue building on their fishing knowledge and skills. Participants should be 9 years old and older, unless otherwise noted. 

Examples of Advanced Fishing Class topics include:

  • Bass Fishing
    • Bass fishing is CT’s most popular sportfish, and for good reason as smallmouth and largemouth bass grow large, fight hard, and are very acrobatic! CARE Instructors and CT BASS NATION members will introduce you to bass fishing specific techniques, popular lures, and gear needed to catch these top-level predatory fish.
  • Trout Fishing
    • Connecticut has a long history of trout fishing and growing trout in our State Fish Hatcheries! The CARE Introduction to Trout Fishing class will discuss what trout species are present in CT and how to identify them, how you can find where the trout are through DEEP online mapping resources, and cover trout-specific fishing gear, techniques, and bait. This is the perfect class to prepare you for Trout Fishing Season!
  • Fly Fishing
    • These classes are designed for anglers that have previous fishing experience but are new to fly fishing. CARE Instructors will cover all the basics of the art of fly fishing during a 1-hour Zoom webinar class. The webinar will discuss how to select and use fly fishing rods, reels and tackle, what knots to use and how to them, how to cast, fishing etiquette and safety, how to care for your catch, and much more. Download course material:  Introduction to Freshwater Fly Fishing PowerPoint presentation or Introduction to Freshwater Fly Fishing PDF format.
    • A limited number of on the water Fly Fishing Field Trips are offered - attending a FLY FISHING ZOOM CLASS is a mandatory pre-requisite. Here you will get the opportunity to practice your casting with instructor coaching and fish for panfish with poppers. CARE Instructors will provide loaner fly rods and flies to get you started fishing confidently and on the path to success, or bring your own gear and we can show you how to use it and set it up properly. A fishing license is required for all participants ages 16 and above. Pre-registration is required for the fishing field trip and is limited to 10 participants, minimum age is 12 years old. Filter by event type "Fishing Field Trip"
  • Saltwater Fishing
    • Long Island Sound offers some world class fishing opportunities! This class will introduce you to the different sportfish that live in the Sound, what basic gear and bait is needed to catch them, and how to access shoreline fishing spots.
  • Learn to Fish for Food: Catch and Cook!
    • Fishing is a physically and emotionally healthy activity – but it can also provide healthy food for your brain and body! This class will cover what local fish in Connecticut are best options for eating; regulations for keeping fish; provide tips on targeting these best eating fish; how to properly care for and clean your catch; review some popular cooking methods and recipes; and even cook up some fish fillets. Participants should be 13 years old and older.
  • Women Only!
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Please contact the Fisheries Division with any questions. 

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Content last updated in September 2022.