Long Island Sound Blue Plan Significant Areas

Ecologically Significant Areas and Significant Human Use Areas
Blue Plan logo Protecting the natural resources and human uses in Long Island Sound is a primary goal of the Blue Plan. The identification of these critical elements and their spatial locations is a necessary step for enabling the Blue Plan and its policies to meet that protection goal.

The Ecologically Significant Area (ESA) and Significant Human Use Area (SHUA) draft definitions and maps were made available for public review and comment in January 2019, and a Public Hearing was held on January 31, 2019, at the Clinton Town Hall. The comments received were used to revise the ESA and SHUA definitions and maps, which were included in the first draft of the Long Island Sound Blue Plan.

ESA and SHUA maps can be accessed in the Blue Plan Map Viewer, and the Long Island Sound Ecologically Significant Areas Story Map helps to navigate and explain the interactive ESA and SHUA maps available in the Blue Plan Map Viewer.

For additional background information, please see the ESA Presentation Slides and/or the SHUA Presentation Slides.

You can continue to provide comments and feedback on the Long Island Sound Blue Plan by:

  • Emailing us at DEEP.BluePlanLIS@ct.gov;
  • Mailing your comments to:
    LIS Blue Plan
    Land and Water Resources Division – Planning
    79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106; or
  • Completing and submitting a comment form by mail or email.

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Content Last Updated June 10, 2020