Climate Resources for Educators

Agencies and organizations such as NASA, NOAA, and DEEP regularly collect data concerning climate change and phenology. New standards in science education require students to model data results to explain or illustrate occurrences. Educational resources, such as lesson plans, activities, and data catalogs, are provided below and can be used by educators with students to connect real data to climate change.


Connecticut Climate Data
Long Island Sound Water Quality Program Info - General information and resources about Long Island Sound water quality
Long Island Sound Data Resource Center - Clearinghouse for information and data related to the Long Island Sound
LISICOS Coastal Data - Search and download historical CT coastal water quality data
CT Environmental Conditions Online Maps and Images - Advance section of CT ECO website for GIS software users
LIS Resource Center - Data tools and resources
LISS Environmental Indicators - Data and graphs on climate change indicators in the Long Island Sound


National Climate Data
Climate Data Catalog - Search and find data related to climate change, such as coastal flooding, food resilience, water, and human health
Data Resources for Educators - Collection of interactive NOAA data resources for educators and students
Surf Your Watershed - Find your watershed using the form, and access datasets on water quality and water use
Water Quality Data Search - Download regional water quality data with specific parameters
NERACOOS Data Products - Various tools to search and retrieve climate and water data


Resource Collections
Climate Education Resources - Climate-related NOAA data resources
Hands-on Climate Science Activities - Activities about Earth's climate system and what you can do to explore, understand, and protect our planet
Climate Monitoring Resources - Data, videos, and lesson plans that will help students understand how and why scientists measure and monitor climate change
EarthLabs for Educators - Units with data analysis activities and hands-on experiments that illustrate processes of our Earth system
Nature's Notebook Phenology Activities - Collection of phenology and climate resources and lessons
NASA Climate Change Lessons - Collection of lessons on climate change-related studies using NASA data
Global Climate Change Modules - Collection of modules and courses based on NASA climate science and data
National Geographic Climate Change Lessons - Complete listing of lessons and videos for use on a variety of climate change topics
CT Energy Education Resources - A collection of educational resources and lessons to understand energy use and impacts
Environment Lesson Plans - Wide range of environmental and science-based lesson plans and activities from the EPA and other federal agencies
LISS Educator's Toolbox - Lessons and activities that illustrate climate change concepts with a Long Island Sound focus
LISS Climate Change in Long Island Sound - General information and resources about Long Island Sound climate change


Lessons Plans
Sea Level Using Real Data - Series of interactive web maps, apps, and images about sea level using real data from NOAA
Investigating Climate System Modules - Series consisting of five modules: Clouds, Energy, Precipitation, Weather, and Winds
Basic Line Plots - Students construct a basic line plot using NASA wind speed data
Seasons Lesson with Data - Lesson on Earth's tilt, orbit, and seasons using snow/ice data
Air Quality and Human Effect - Lesson on changes in air quality using data
Graphing Temperature Changes - Analyze rising global temperatures by using data to create models
Fresh Water Lesson Plan - Interactive lesson plan on the distribution and uses of fresh water on Earth
The Future of Earth's Climate - Interactive lessons where students explore the question, "What is the future of Earth's climate?"
Prehistoric Climate Change and Why It Matters Today - Using past climate information, we can understand current trends and predict future outcomes through the use of plant fossils


Content last updated August 2019