Grants for the Control of Aquatic Invasive Species

The introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species and harmful algal blooms in Connecticut pose a serious threat to the biodiversity of native aquatic ecosystems, and can affect the ecological, recreational and economic interests of the state. Nonindigenous aquatic invasive species have the potential to establish and spread rapidly due to a lack of physical and biological constraints in the habitats to which they have been introduced. 

With the passage of Public Act 19-190, the Connecticut General Assembly established a dedicated funding source for the “Connecticut Lakes, Rivers and Ponds Preservation Account" and made it available to DEEP for (1) restoration and rehabilitation of lakes, rivers and ponds in the state; (2) programs of DEEP for the eradication of aquatic invasive species and cyanobacteria blooms; (3) education and public outreach programs to enhance the public's understanding of the need to protect and preserve the state's lakes, rivers and ponds; (4) allocation of grants to state and municipal agencies and not-for-profit organizations to conduct research and to provide public education and public awareness to enhance understanding and management of the natural resources of the state's lakes, rivers and ponds; and (5) provision of funds for all services that support the protection and conservation of the state's lakes, rivers and ponds. This RFP provides a vehicle for state agencies, municipalities, and not-for-profit organizations to access funds from the Connecticut Lakes, Rivers and Ponds Preservation Account through a competitive grant process.

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January 31, 2024


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