Air Regulations

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The DEEP‘s Regulations for the Abatement of Air Pollution are adopted pursuant to the requirements and authority in sections 4-168b and 22a-174 of the Connecticut General Statutes

DEEP Air Regulations

The Abatement of Air Pollution Regulations are available on the Connecticut eRegulation System under Title 22a-174.  Effective July 1, 2017, the eRegulation system is certified by the Secretary of the State as the official version of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies and is the electronic repository for the regulation-making record.  Final approved regulations are no longer printed in the Connecticut Law Journal.  Revision dates are noted at the end of the regulatory text.  The list of air regulations and amendment dates are updated automatically when a new regulation is created or an existing regulation is amended or repealed.  More information on using the eRegulation system is available on the eRegulation system information page  


Code of Federal Regulations

References to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in the Abatement of Air Pollution Regulations, if not otherwise indicated in the regulations or Connecticut General Statutes, is read to mean the CFR as of the date the commissioner issued public notice of intent to adopt such regulatory provision.

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